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In life, there is no nine-to-five. Being able to adapt and bend work-life balance on our terms has never been more important.

Our online platform connects you with employers who understand the importance of flexible working, offering one-off or short-term roles for you to book yourself on to as and when you need.

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We want to turn things around, change attitudes and make things work for us all, to make a positive difference in everything we do and how we do it. In life there is no nine-to-five, it is up to us to create our right time. Flexibility moulds our lives and enables us to adapt and bend when and where we need to. Being part of a flexible community, with like-minded attitudes, is only right and proper. It is not just our job to change working for good, it’s our way of life. Making a positive impact on our community and the people within it. We believe when you think differently, work differently, you live differently.  ”

Lorna Davidson, CEO redwigwam