How to earn money from home after retirement

Published on: Thu, 29 Oct 2020
By: Anne, The Platinum Line Blog

I’m a firm believer in balancing both sides of a budget sheet.

It’s not much good me telling you how I love to travel at home and abroad without sharing some tips on how I earn my income.

I intend to share my experiences earning from home and also share how I spend what I earn. 

A recent survey I saw suggested that people fear three things after retirement.

  1. Loneliness
  2. Outliving their savings
  3. Losing their purpose in life.

I think if you can keep on earning and spending money, it can help keep your mind occupied and sharp! You can also learn new skills or gain opportunities to apply old ones!

Nowadays you have a £1,000 trading allowance in the UK – this means you can earn £1000 from online trading or earning from surveys or apps each year. Before you need to declare it to the taxman.

The financial year starts in April so if you earn more than this you should fill in a self-assessment tax form.

Posts about online earnings

I have written some posts with links to how I earn extra money.

If you’re interested in any of the following, click on the links and read more about how I do it…

When I retired I decided I would look for ways of earning money from home to finance my interests.I also have two young grandchildren to buy treats for.

Make an extra £20.00 a month by filling in surveys

Like many people, I began by filling in surveys. It is low paid but you can earn a few pounds quite easily.

How to earn money as a mystery shopper

I now make most of my extra money from mystery shopping.

I  enjoy the variety that this provides and I find it good practice for writing my travel blog posts.

Making money by helping with academic research.

I have also been helping with academic research which I enjoy.  

A good site for this is Prolific Academic, which links researchers with participants. 

Studies are usually interesting and offer a fair rate of pay. 

They accept participants from most countries. 

Earnings can be paid via circle or PayPal or donated to charity.

I have also been a guinea pig for studies run by my local university.

In my previous job as a nurse I used to enjoy helping nursing students and I find I now enjoy helping student doctors and other students.

How to sell books online   

I used to sell books on Amazon. Although I no longer do this I have written a post with a few tips.

Monitoring the Royal Mail

I earn free stamps by being part of a panel that monitors the Royal mail.

If you want to earn some extra cash and like the sound of mystery shopping, you can sign up to redwigwam here:

Thank you Anne for sharing your tips on earning money from home!

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