Why working in cleaning is a good option and what qualities you need to be good at it

Published on: Fri, 15 Oct 2021
By: Kayleigh, redwigwam

The cleaning industry will always need workers, as most businesses will usually require regular cleaners.

This means if you choose a career in cleaning there will always be plenty of work around.

Even when the economy has been unstable, cleaning is a sector which has seen continued growth. Workplaces and public establishments all need to be cleaned, otherwise they will lose custom. No one wants to sit in a dirty pub or restaurant, and of course, hospitality establishments can now be given a hygiene rating that they can display. This makes it plain for all to see how clean they are, and if one establishment has a better rating than another, chances are the cleaner one will get more customers.

And of course, in recent times, cleanliness has become more important than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Types of cleaning jobs

There are a wide variety of roles and shift patterns in the cleaning profession, from roles that might require you to work 2 hours in the morning cleaning an office or school, to full time roles where you could be conducting end of tenancy deep cleans for example.

Working as a chambermaid in a hotel can also be full time, so if full time is what you want, you can also find this in the cleaning sector. If you work with redwigwam, you will have the chance to try out different types of cleaning roles, which means you can add to your skill set and experience. These are transferable skills that you can use not only in your professional life, but at home too.

This also means that if you do choose to work flexibly and try out different roles, no two days will be the same. This is especially good for people who get bored easily with the same routine and gives you the opportunity to meet new people.

Work round family life

Many cleaning roles only require you to work a few hours a day, so this works well if you have other commitments for example if you have kids, you can fit in a cleaning job while they are at school.

Alternatively, there are other cleaning roles which will require you to work in the evening. This is perfect if you have another commitment during the day, you could be a student at university or you might have another job and want to take on some extra work as a cleaner in the evening to top up your income.

No matter what your commitments are, in cleaning there will be a job with hours to suit you.

If you’re someone who takes pride in their work and feels content when they can see the results of their work, a cleaning role could bring you great job satisfaction.

6 qualities for a great cleaner

1. Good time management skills

If you only have 2 hours to complete your job, you will need to plan out how long each task is going to take and make sure you stick to the plan.

Alternatively, you could be a chambermaid with multiple hotel rooms to clean, so you would need to plan out your time to ensure all of the rooms are completed by the end of your shift. The ability to monitor yourself and complete jobs on time is a transferable skill that will help you in many aspects of life.

2. Honesty

Your employer needs to be able to trust you to work unsupervised and make sure all aspects of your job are completed.

3. Pride

A good cleaner will always take a pride in their work and will be committed to doing a good job.

We all have to clean our own houses, so if you’re someone who gets great satisfaction from being able to see the difference you have made from starting off with a dirty messy room and transforming it into a sparkling clean and tidy room, why not do cleaning for your job and get paid for it!

4. Consistency

When starting a cleaning role, it's important to show you can complete your job to a high standard. And it's even more important to show you’re consistent.

You need to be able to keep up the high standards you have shown at the beginning, week on week.

5. Attentiveness

Being thorough in your work and paying attention to detail is really important in a cleaning role.

If you can pick up on what needs cleaning and make sure it is cleaned properly. There’s a massive difference between what looks clean and what is actually clean.

6. Discretion

Your employer needs to know that you will behave appropriately if you find sensitive information while you’re completing your cleaning job. You need to be able to keep this information to yourself and don’t post anything on social media which relates to your job.

Other useful skills

It's also helpful to have good interpersonal and communication skills as you'll  need to understand exactly what is required of you, to make sure you complete your cleaning job to the standard that is expected.

You might also have to communicate regularly with colleagues, supervisors and possibly clients too. So being able to communicate with others in a friendly manner is also important. You could be interacting with different people every day, so you will need to make a good impression.

There are a lot of reasons to consider cleaning as a career choice and working with redwigwam means you will have loads of flexibility.

You'll be able to try out different cleaning roles so you can see what you enjoy, you'll learn new skills through experience, you can also complete our online cleaning course for free and with our fast pay, you will be paid quickly!

Looking for a more flexible way to work?

Nine to five doesn't exist in our world. Join our redwigwam community and find work that fits in around your lifestyle.