Top 10 jobs for the summer

Published on: Wed, 08 Jun 2022
By: Kayleigh, redwigwam

With summer fast approaching, your diary is probably starting to look full: barbecues, beer gardens, camping trips, holidays and festivals are all back! 

While this is the summer we all need, you could well be wondering how on earth you're going to fund a summer of fun...


Enter redwigwam, and our round up of the 10 best jobs for the summer season!

Whether you're a redwigwam regular, or have found this blog looking for summer work, we have plenty of summer jobs available. 

Some roles are ad-hoc, with one shift here and there, some work is regular (every weekend for example), and we also have ongoing roles for the whole summer season. 

Of course this means we have work for you whatever your circumstances.

Whether you’re looking for extra income on top of another job or benefits, if you’re a student looking for work while you’re off college or university for the summer, or a parent looking to work around childcare commitments, we've got you covered.

Need flexible work this summer?

1. Holiday park work

There are loads of different jobs in holiday parks, ranging from cleaning staff to receptionists, to bar and waiting staff.

You’ll be in a fun environment in these roles and everything you do will contribute to making the holiday makers stay memorable.

You’ll spend your time in a feel-good environment where people are there to have a good time and to escape from their usual life and you can really make a difference to their experience!


2. Festival work

Festival work is really popular with our wigwammers, who love the flexibility it offers, combined with access to some cool festivals.

Roles are usually bar or hawking work - so experience in this is preferred. 

Being in the middle of the festival atmosphere is unlike anything else you'll experience while at work!

Many wigwammers like to book these jobs with their mates and have a great time while making the experience for the festival goers better by providing them with excellent customer service.

Of course, the best part about these jobs is you'll often get to go and watch some of the acts before or after your shift!


3. Concession worker at a sports stadium or arena

Many sporting venues need concession workers to serve food and drinks at events. Working at these types of events the atmosphere is brilliant as they’re excited for the event.

And the good news is that these jobs are often ongoing all year round, and not just a job for the summer! 

Again, you can add to the customers experience by providing great customer service.


4. Gardener

An excellent way to get outdoors! If you’ve got green fingers this an amazing way to make the most of the nice weather the summer season can bring.

Being a gardener is also usually super flexible and you might even be able to choose your own working hours.


5. Litter picker or washroom cleaner at a racecourse

A great opportunity for ad-hoc work. These outdoor venues look for people to work as litter pickers or  washroom cleaners on race days.

This is another chance to get outdoors while you are working while being able to soak up the atmosphere.

Again - many redwigwam workers like to book these roles with their friends - and you might like to know you'll earn a bonus  every time one of your friends signs up to find work with us. 


6. Working on bars or ice cream stands on piers and other tourist hotspots

Another excellent chance to soak up the sunshine while serving tourists!

You’ll be providing them with much-needed summer refreshments as they go about their day on holiday or on a day out.


7. Event staff

Events run all year round but if you’re a student, summer will be when you have time to work at as many events as possible and earn the income you need to get you through the summer.

The types of events you could work at can be gala dinners, where you’ll be able to get involved with helping to set up the venue. For these types of events, companies usually go all-out on the décor and the room will look absolutely stunning.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the beautiful surroundings if you manage to bag a shift working at the event on the bar or as waiting staff.

There can be many different types of events and if you’re lucky enough to work at an outdoor event on a nice day, even better!


8. Hotel jobs

Hotels will always need extra staff for the summer months, as we all know this is the busiest season for people wanting to go on holiday. In a hotel there are a lot of different roles that you could possibly be working in such as receptionist, bar staff, waiting staff, concierge, chef plus lots more.

This means there’s a lot of opportunity to find work in a hotel. These roles are great for someone who is outgoing and enjoys meeting new people.

Check out all our latest hospitality roles here


9. Shopping centres

Shopping centres are also much busier in the summer due to the influx of tourists and people off work on annual leave.

There are many different types of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants to be found in a shopping centre, all of which are often in need of more staff for summer.


10. Mystery shopping 

OK, so not specifically a summer job - but it is a brilliant way to earn extra money all year round. Here at redwigwam we have loads of new mystery shopping jobs added every week - with varied and interesting assignments available. 

It's a perfect job to fit round your summer activities - and you might even find yourself with some new products to enjoy with your barbecue! 


By working in these jobs you’ll make the most of your summertime by getting outside and soaking up that vitamin D while you’re gaining valuable skills and work experience. You can also add these jobs, and the experience you've gained, to your CV and they will come in really useful in the future, whatever your career aspirations are.

You’ll also be earning money while completing enjoyable work, what’s not to love?


Need flexible work this summer?