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Charlie Bighams Logo

Thank you all very much for making this happen. Really great job and we really appreciate how responsive you were.

– Bighams

Oomi Noodles Logo

First job with RedWigWam has been spot on – great attitude, rapid response & ultimate flexibility. The Uber of recruitment!

– Emily Herrero, Commercial Director

Emily Fruit Crisps Logo

Catherine and the team at RedWigwam provide an excellent service which has helped us countless times to effectively and efficiently drive compliance and support new launches in parts of the UK that our team wouldn't otherwise be able to reach. The service is reactive and agile and we've used it with projects in countless retailers. The results speak for themselves and have supported our continued expansion. 

– Emily Fruit Crisps

Samworth Brothers Logo

I’ve worked on a number of projects with RedWigWam over the past year and have been continually impressed by the innovative platform they’ve set up to deliver immediate, actionable insights that we can use within the business to drive our brands forward. We’ve had particular success working with RedWigWam to build online reviews through retailer websites. The process is easy, we were given continuous progress updates and the cost was very competitive.

– Samworth Brothers

Rebel Kitchen Logo

Working with Catherine and Lorna at RedWigWam has been a dream. Always honest, open, contactable and supportive of doing the right thing for our brand, they have been a huge support to us with new product launches and promotional merchandising. I love their collaborative approach to business and find their view on the industry refreshing. I would definitely recommend chatting to them to see how they can help your business grow.

– Rebel Kitchen

Kind Healthy Snacks Logo

RedWigWam are my ‘go-to’ field-sales team when looking to support activity in outer London stores. As a small business, with a small team, having extra feet on the ground during key periods is essential for both maximising performance and gaining a broad spectrum of insights. I’d recommend any small business looking to gain a better understanding of their wider customer base to use RedWigWam.

– Kind Healthy Snacks

B-Fresh Logo

Getting feet on the ground quickly and efficiently allows us to keep close to our channels of distribution to check compliance, new listings, etc. and RedWigWam deliver that to us with ease and a smile, and the latter is always much appreciated!

– B-Fresh

Pack'd Logo

We went to RedWigWam with a very clear brief and the results we achieved hit and even exceeded our expectations. The activation got turned around very quickly and efficiently, meaning we're we able to unlock immediate results. I would more than happily work on another project with them in the future.

– PACK'd

Ace Of Clubs Logo

When I am under-resourced and overworked is when I need temp staff and have little time to get them. RedWigWam helped because its quick and online, with staff online and on the phone to help.


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Anisa I.
//16-30 Part Time Student//

Going into a store and finding out why they had low sales of particular items and discreetly taking pictures of the aisle. Made me feel like a secret agent! What I love about RedWigWam is I get to have fun and enjoy myself doing discreet jobs, whilst earning money at the same time.

Carol G.
41-50 Part Time Retiree

My favourite job was on reception for private health clinic but what I like most is it’s a reputable way of securing ad-hoc employment.

Amanda M.
41-50 Full time Working Parent

I enjoy doing the online product reviews. RedWigWam also helps me partially pay off my credit card debt. Small amounts but it all helps!

Susie K.
31-40 Part Time

As a working parent RedWigWam is perfect because it gives me access to part time flexible jobs I can adapt to my life.

Simon F.
60+ Part Time Retiree

I’ve done a number of merchandising tasks and I could see I had made a difference which was good. It also allows me to get some extra pin money for fun.

Claire H.
41-50 Part Time Working Parent

Getting free toddler food for my kids was my favourite job because I was looking for flexible work to fit around childcare.

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