Mystery shopping explained

Published on: Wed, 26 Oct 2022
By: Claire, redwigwam

If you’re new to redwigwam, or perhaps found this blog post by Googling companies who do mystery shopping, you’re probably wondering what the available jobs are and whether you’re able to book them and start earning extra money quickly.

So, we thought we’d explain about mystery shopping with redwigwam

What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a method used by brands and retailers to measure how a product is performing in store or online, or to check on a customer’s experience while they are in a retail outlet.

Does mystery shopping pay well?

You’ll get paid a set amount per call. This fee varies depending on what you are being asked to do. For example, an online purchase job will generally pay around £6-£9 (plus product costs), you may earn £9 or £10 for a job which involves checking products in store.

Being a mystery shopper has many benefits, including total flexibility as you only book onto jobs you have time to do. You’ll get reimbursed for any products you need to purchase – sound the freebie klaxon!

When you complete mystery shopping jobs with redwigwam, you also get the benefit of being paid quickly too – if you select our daily pay option, you’ll be paid and reimbursed for any expenses 24 hours after your timesheet is approved.

Looking for a more flexible way to work?

Nine to five doesn't exist in our world. Join our redwigwam community and find work that fits in around your lifestyle.

So, how does mystery shopping with redwigwam work?

First, you’ll need a redwigwam account – you can sign up here if you don’t have one already.

Once your account is set up and we have verified you have the right to work in the UK, you’ll be able to book any jobs you are matched to on your profile.

And this is the brilliant thing about joining redwigwam. You can book on to ANY job you are matched to on your profile. So, perhaps you joined us from an advert for warehouse work – that doesn’t mean you are restricted to only booking warehouse work. You can book ANYTHING which takes your fancy.

The great thing about mystery shopping jobs is you can usually fit them around your other work. So even if you are working full time in another role, these are jobs you can do on your way home – a really easy way to earn some extra money!

What does a mystery shopping job involve?

When you see a job you fancy, you simply book on via your redwigwam account. You’ll then be sent a brief which will have guidelines on what you need to buy.

You’ll also receive a timesheet and a report which you need to complete once you have done the role – the questions will also be on the brief, and you need to make sure you read these carefully before doing the job.

You will also need to take some photos while you are completing the assignment – usually of the shelf where the products you need to purchase are before and after. Again, check this carefully as it does vary between retailers.

If you need to purchase a product as part of your visit, check carefully what you have been asked to buy. You won’t be reimbursed if you purchase the wrong products.

Purchase and review jobs

You may be matched to a job where you are asked to purchase a product as part of an online shop and then leave a review about it. These jobs are very popular amongst redwigwam workers as they can be done from the comfort of your own home!

If you are booking one of these roles, please make sure the product is something you are likely to enjoy so you can leave accurate feedback.

To complete these jobs, ideally you will be a regular online shopper and will have an active account with the supermarket you are shopping with. You should also regularly leave reviews for other products too. 

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Looking for a more flexible way to work?

Nine to five doesn't exist in our world. Join our redwigwam community and find work that fits in around your lifestyle.