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Our experienced field marketers will help you deliver your client’s campaigns at short notice.

The FMCG industry is a crowded environment, and staying ahead of the competition is paramount to remaining relevant.

Brands need to be at the forefront through effective field marketing campaigns, but finding the right people at short notice can be difficult.

We know that field-marketing agencies need to be able to deliver quick results, but are looking to do so without having to eat into margins.

We’re here to offer an extra pair of hands and support your field team through busy patches. 

Product launch

We’ll provide the support you need to launch your client’s new products.

POS placement

Ensure your point of sale is positioned correctly to maximise sales. 


Encourage customers to sample products in store. 

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RedWigWam are my ‘go-to’ field sales team when looking to support extra activity. Having extra feet on the ground during key periods is essential.

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Need experienced field marketers?

With 80,000 registered workers all over the UK, our experienced Field Marketing team are ready to help you deliver your clients campaigns, even in hard to reach territories.

They’re fully vetted and ready to go at the touch of a button.

Using RedWigWam is fast, reliable and cost-effective

We can also find workers at short notice. So, if someone phones in sick or you get let down – don’t let your client down due to short staffing issues. Book the staff that you need, when you need them with RedWigWam.

We’re here to help

RedWigWam will support your client’s requirements by matching you to the right workers, exactly when, and where you need them.

They will answer any number of reporting questions (either using your reporting system, or ours) and you’ll get the results you need quickly and cheaply.

Simply post a free job outlining the job details and we’ll match it to our pre-vetted and validated field marketers.

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