Introducing redwigwam’s 24/7 Availability: real-time retail remedies that deliver an immediate ROI

Published on: Tue, 24 Nov 2020
By: Claire, redwigwam

The phrase “data-driven” is common parlance in the modern workplace. We all know by now that there’s value in having a wealth of facts and figures to hand and that having key metrics in place can help to maintain an organisation’s visibility and accountability. But what we can say is that there’s a big difference between acquiring data and actioning it.

Unlike the world of e-commerce where real-time analytics enable a brand to make immediate changes at the touch of a button, there remains a disconnect between the data and what’s going on offline in the FMCG market. There can be any number of hidden variables, which makes it hard to get down into the detail of lost sales. From a breakdown in distribution to incorrect placement on the shelves, there are many issues to consider. That’s all before we even get to buyer habits.

For a business that lives and dies by the performance on the shop floor, analysing sales performance at the end of each week only paints half the picture. And by the time the internal field sales team has been deployed to look into the underlying problems in underperforming stores, it can often be too late. Sales numbers haven’t been hit, revenue has been lost and, in many cases, the threat of de-listing can loom large – particularly for challenger brands.

Even in instances where the problem involves a simple fix such as correcting labelling or setting up goods properly on the store’s system, getting personnel into stores to check for mistakes can be near impossible – particularly in instances where products are widely available on shelves nationwide.

So, how can you ensure you are optimising performance based on your sales data?

The solution: 24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability from redwigwam provides brands with a unique, targeted solution to all three of the three key issues that can prevent consumers from getting their hands on product: problems with distribution, availability, and promotion.

redwigwam’s innovative job platform tackles resourcing issues head-on, giving you access to a huge pool of wigwammers from around the UK. By putting feet on the street in stores from Lands End to John o’Groats, a brand can gain insight into a large number of stores simultaneously.

Speed of delivery is also a key benefit to the work we do with organisations. Business intelligence in a data-driven world is one thing; but it’s worth very little if a brand cannot get to the root of the problem and take remedial action – particularly in a market as competitive and fickle as FMCG.

Where an in-store problem is identified, a wigwammer can be deployed immediately to diagnose, report, and, in many cases, rectify the issue on the very same day.  All of which can improve sales and generate a clear return on investment within 12 hours of data capture.

For one of our most recent projects for Kellogg Company, the client measured a £10 return on investment for every £1 spent with us. That’s the power of cutting off mistakes, human errors and supply issues quickly. ”

Catherine Parkin, Sales Director, redwigwam

So, how does 24/7 Availability work in practice? redwigwam director, Catherine Parkin, explains:

“Once a manufacturer has been on-boarded, our automated system takes over, creating a streamlined and scalable solution that dramatically cuts response times. If a brand identifies a problem in a number of stores, the jobs are listed on our platform where workers with the right skillset in those locations are matched to the role. Once the jobs have been accepted, wigwammers will then be deployed to the store to assess the problem. Once the worker has completed the job they can share information immediately via our App. Key actions and relevant photographs can all be uploaded so that each intervention is tracked and accounted for.

“In most cases, a job listed by 9.30am will be completed within 12 hours. In fact, it is possible that tens or even hundreds of workers could be carrying out the same work in every corner of the country on the same day.”

Of course, rectifying a problem can be more complicated than simply correcting a misplaced promotional ticket. That’s why the redwigwam platform also offers e-learning and up-skill training to provide workers with the right knowledge and support to competently assess the situation and work with the store to fix errors.

Catherine Parkin continues:

“We ask businesses to look at the sales data they are collecting week on week, and then ask themselves how it would affect their bottom line if their products were available in every store, every day, without fail. 

“24/7 Availability is simply about maximising performance and driving direct action in-store immediately. As each job is completed our automated system approves the worker’s timesheet and calculates the cost of work versus the lost sales value of the error.  That provides clients with full visibility and an immediate ROI for each intervention.

“For one of our most recent projects for Kellogg Company, the client measured a £10 return on investment for every £1 spent with us. That’s the power of cutting off mistakes, human errors and supply issues quickly.”

The truth is that collecting sales data only helps a brand to react to problems. To be proactive in solving a problem requires not only significant resource but a resource that is flexible and responsive.

What would it do to your bottom line if your products were available in every store 24/7?

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