What is involved in a merchandising role and why should you do it?

Published on: Thu, 23 Sep 2021
By: Kayleigh, redwigwam

Maybe you've seen mercandising roles on your redwigwam dashboard, but don't really know what one is... Well wonder no more!

We've put together this blog post looking at what completing a merchandising role for redwigwam actually involves...

First things first.

Once you’ve signed up for an account you can check your dashboard and see what merchandising jobs are available near you. Find something that have the time to complete, and book onto the role. You will then be sent a brief.

It's really, really important that you read the brief carefully before you complete the job. The objectives of the role can differ but will usually be to remerchandise a product to make the display look more attractive. Or, you might have to place some clip-strips or promotional materials in the store, or something similar to this.

If there is anything at all you don't understand, please get in touch and one of the team will help you out. 

These jobs are fairly simple to complete if you follow your brief step by step. Once you're done, upload the necessary files to our website (usually before and after images, but do check your brief!) and fill in any reports you've been asked to complete.  

Looking for a merchandising job?

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What skills do you need to complete a merchandising role? 

While you don’t need any formal experience, it helps if you’re good at following instructions and have a keen eye for detail.

Each role will be different, and you will need to complete the job to the standard of the hirer and make sure you take clear pictures as they will want to see that the brief has been followed correctly. 


Merchandising jobs are great for improving your skills 

You can improve your verbal and written communication skills as you might sometimes have to liaise with workers in the store, and will usually have to fill in a report. 

Good communications skills are very useful to have, and they are very transferrable. You'll need them for most jobs you will come to apply for.

And as well as helping you in the world of work, good communication skills are very useful in your personal life too.

What's more, these roles will help you with time-management skills as they need to be completed by a deadline. Any skills you pick up doing these jobs can be added to your CV and will be helpful in the future.  


Combine a merchandising job them with your weekly shop

Sometimes, your role will be in a shop you're going to anyway - so pop in, do your weekly shop and them complete your brief.

Or you might find that the merchandising jobs local to you are not in a store where you would usually do your weekly shop. You could decide to try out buying your shopping in the store you’re going to for your merchandising role as this will save you time and you might even find new products to try.  


Combine a merchandising job with mystery shopping roles

If you can find more than one role in one shop or one area, you can plan out a route to complete roles in the least amount of time and you will be earning for each call you complete.

Again you could also combine this with a shopping trip to save more time and the more roles you complete, the more money you will have to spend on your shopping.  


Get paid for a job that often takes 20 minutes or less 

Typically a merchandising role will usually take around 20 minutes per call in store. You'll then need to spend time filling in your report and uploading it along with the photographs you have taken, depending on what you have been asked to do. This is quick and easy on the redwigwam system. 

Do also factor in the time it takes you to travel to and from the store when planning your day!   

Merchandising jobs can give you a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you have made a change in a store and have provided the next customers that come along with an extra product that might not have been there before. Other times the job might be to place promotional materials on products, so you’re providing other customers with deals.

As we know there’s a lot that goes into retail work so what you’re doing is completing a job which is just one of many moving parts that all work together to keep the store running on a day-to-day basis.  

So why not give it a go? 


Looking for a merchandising job?

1000s of jobs in your local area. Quick pay and flexible work.