12 Types of Cleaning Roles to Consider

Published on: Tue, 17 May 2022
By: Rachael, redwigwam

Is it time to look for something new?

If you're on the job hunt, looking for work that fits in around your busy schedule, can give you fast pay and offer you many more great benefits then we'd recommend having a look at the cleaning sector. 

These roles are perfect if you love working independently, have an excellent eye for detail & love to keep things organised.

The great thing about these roles is most of them are entry level and require little to no experience, but how do you find these jobs? And how do you know which cleaning role is for you? At redwigwam we've listed 12 types of cleaning roles you should consider, along with some advice on how you can sign up today and start working!

Looking to start a career in cleaning?

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Housekeepers are the ones who maintain a high level of cleanliness wherever they go. You'll usually find Housekeepers in hotels, residential facilities & peoples homes. 

They complete tasks such as mopping, hoovering, dusting shelves and emptying the rubbish. This role also includes reporting any issues to the Housekeeping supervisor e.g any faults or safety hazards and also working with managers and resident owners to get rooms clean in a timely manner for an event/guests.

This role is perfect if you're organised, love domestic cleaning and can work primarily on your own to a strict deadline. 

Fast pay = Fun Summer

Have a few days off to go on holiday? To a festival? A cheeky trip to the pub with your pals? Working a summer job means you’ll receive a constant stream of income.

The great thing about it is there will always be work through the holiday season, so you can pick up as many shifts as you like to help you enjoy life – which is perfect now things are getting back to normal.

At redwigwam you can choose between Daily / Weekly and Monthly pay. This means lots of Pay Days are available, and who doesn't like the sound of that?

Commercial Cleaner

This role is probably the one you see the most when you're on the job hunt for cleaning roles!

A Commercial Cleaner is a general role for cleaning pretty much anything and everything. If you take a role like this, you'll usually work for a Commercial Cleaning agency that provide companies a range of cleaning from office cleaning, residential cleaning to cleaning within schools. 

You'll be completing general tasks such as mopping, taking out rubbish, cleaning touch points and reporting any safety hazards to a manager.

It's very similar to Housekeeping, however Housekeepers tend to look after things like hotel rooms, private residencies and general organisation of peoples rooms/private areas (although some Commercial Cleaning companies may offer certain services in these establishments too.) 

You'll learn lots within this role, perfect to add to your CV

If you want to learn more, check out our Frequently asked questions about working as a Commercial Cleaner.

Office Cleaner

This is a great role, with lots on our redwigwam database!

Office cleaning is in the name, you'll be working within a section of an office, making sure all the surfaces are clean, the keyboard/computers are clean and any rubbish is taken away. This is an enjoyable role, and is great for people who are organised and can work in a timely manner.

Office cleaning is usually great to fit in around your other working commitments, with shifts early morning or in the evening. 

Better yet? No experience is needed! A lot of our hirers will offer full training. 

Window Cleaner

We've all had a Window Cleaner clean our windows at least once, or we've seem them cleaning tall buildings in town making them gleam. 

The main objective is to wash glass surfaces in private homes, businesses, offices etc. Basically, wherever has a window - so this is good news if you're looking for a role like this. There are lots of Windows to clean, and most businesses will train you up if you don't have any experience.

This is a great role if you love cleaning & being in the outdoors, just make sure to top up on suncream on those summer days!

Litter Picker 

This is another great role with lots available at redwigwam!

If you book a role as a Litter Picker, you'll be given a schedule / designated area to work on for your shift and in that time you'll head over to the area, removing and collecting litter. 

No experience is needed for this role, and it's great if you love being outdoors and working independently.

Working as a Litter Picker can sometimes come with working at amazing events such as Festivals, The Races and many more, so you can get in on some of the action whilst working & earning money!

Residential Cleaner

This role is very similar to a Housekeeper.

Residential Cleaners mainly clean bedrooms, bathrooms and ensure all the floors are as clean as possible. This role can be in Student Accommodation, Care homes, Private Housing and many more.

You'll get to meet different people and learn lots about cleaning. 

Carpet Cleaner

This is definitely one of the most satisfying roles of them all.

If you're familiar with Tik Tok, you'll have probably come across Carpet Cleaners really sinking their teeth into some dirty carpets - so satisfying! Their main role is to use vacuum suction, clean solution & powerful scrubbing to remove the dirt. 

There is no better feeling than making someones carpet brand new!

End of Tenancy Cleaner

The aim of this role is to ensure the future tenants have a nice clean home to move into! 

You'll be doing a deep clean, ensuring the furniture, walls, floors, ceiling - everything is cleaned to a high standard. 

This process usually happens once a tenant has left & then the End of Tenancy cleaners need to sort the property out in a timely manner for the arrival of the new renters. You can find these roles in Student Accommodations, Private housing and Apartment/Flat buildings. 

Deep Cleaner

This role is very similar to the End of Tenancy Cleaner, however you can be employed to do this role anywhere by a business or a person wanting their home Deep Cleaned.

It's more than just removing clutter and making the area look nice - it's ensuring the environment is much healthier by sanitising and disinfecting surfaces, essentially removing germs that make people sick. 

Construction Cleaner

This role is similar to a Commercial Cleaner but can be a little more intense!

Working on Construction sites you'll be cleaning windows, dusting and washing surfaces, polishing interior glass, marble & tile surfaces and washing walls & ceilings. 

With these roles you'll have full training, we'd recommend you be ok with heavy lifting and standing on ladders for long periods of time!

Laundry Cleaner

We're sure you're familiar with your fair share of cleaning laundry, some of us are great at it, other struggle to spot that one red sock in the pile of whites!

If you have a knack for Laundry washing you may find a career in Laundry cleaning.

Their main role is to check clothes for stains, then use water and chemicals to remove any stains before sorting the items according to colour, size & fabric. 


Last but not least, we have a Caretaker.

Usually managing buildings such as offices and schools, caretakers take care of the security and maintenance of community buildings. Their main duties involve sorting out repairs, either themselves or by calling a professional, cleaning the site and in some instances managing a cleaning team to ensure all areas of the building are thoroughly cleaned. 

We hope you’ve found this blog informative, if you’re looking for a cleaning role then you’re in luck. At redwigwam we’re looking for Commercial Cleaners, Office Cleaners & many more! 

Please check out our latest jobs page and sign up – you could find a new role with no experience necessary today!

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Looking to start a career in cleaning?

Whatever cleaning role has sweeped your interested, we have you covered. Sign up with us today to find roles in your area.