How to utilise being a wigwammer around your other commitments

Published on: Wed, 26 Jan 2022
By: Rachael, redwigwam

At redwigwam, we know our wigwammers are extremely busy. There are lots of our community who use our platform as a second source of income, fitting roles around their full-time jobs, or around childcare. Others may be looking for a small income topper for their universal credit or student loan, whilst some Wigwammers are retired, and also enjoy a small income top-up.

Whatever reason for joining redwigwam, we’re happy to have you & we want you to utilise our website, as best as you can.

So, we’ve listed 8 ways you can utilise redwigwam whilst working around other commitments and employments.

Looking to earn some extra cash this January?

Whether you're looking for extra staff, or extra cash, we've got you covered in 2022.

Download the app and turn on notifications to see what jobs are in your area

If you don’t have the app already, make sure you download it! Some jobs on our system book up fast, so you need to be quick on the trigger to open your notifications, especially if you live in populated locations such as London and Manchester.

You can download the app here:



If you have any difficulty downloading the app, please head over to our live chat. You’ll know it’s us when you see the red triangle!

Earn as you shop – incorporate roles around your busy schedule

Whether you’re working, a student or a full-time parent, the easiest way to utilise redwigwam to your best ability, is by picking up many of our audit, merchandising and mystery shopping roles.

We all have a weekly shop we need to do, so why not earn whilst you shop? Lots of our wigwammers incorporate their weekly shops around any audit or mystery shopping calls they have; it also makes them look way more covert for any mystery shopping tasks….

Like to shop online? We have you covered for that too. Check out our online product reviewer roles, and earn money testing out products & telling us what you think.

Whatever way you like to shop, there’s always a way or earning money with redwigwam.

If you’re on universal credit, use the benefits calculator

If you’re looking for a bit of extra income, but don’t want it to get in the way of your universal credit, use the benefits calculator to work out how much you can earn, without it affecting your pay.

The great thing about redwigwam is you can pick and choose what work you’d like to partake in, so you’re always welcome to decline work and hide notifications if you need to.

Check out our latest jobs page for when you’re on the move

One thing wigwammers may find frustrating, is the app only tells them when there’s jobs in their area, with the radius reaching up to 70 miles from their location. Whilst that’s a fair distance, a lot of people travel for work, or go visit family & friends on the other side of the country.

Although there’s no feature as of yet to check other locations out, don’t fear! We now have an amazing new latest job page. Here you can search in any post code in the UK, your travel distance and what sector you’re looking for.

If you’re travelling and find a role close by you’d like to book, pop on our live chat and quote the reference number to the chat team. You can find this by clicking ‘details’ and then once the page opens there will be a reference number on the left-hand side, above the apply button. It’ll be a 5-digit number. A member of the chat team should be able to book you onto the role, and you’ll then receive your brief and instructions.

Keep an eye on your star ratings

In order to book the best jobs we have on the system, you’ll need a good star rating. Lots of top hirers ask for four-and five-star workers only when booking their jobs, and in most cases, four- and five-star workers are given the opportunity to book the roles first on their dashboard.

The best way to maintain a high star rating is to submit all reports on time, make sure they are thorough, giving all the information you can & aim to complete all roles you book yourself on for.

We understand that life sometimes gets in the way, and other things become more of a priority, so please speak to us if you can’t complete a role. A chat manager will either discuss an extension or will remove you from the role without it affecting your star rating.

Try different roles from every sector

A lot of the roles we have, require no experience. Our cleaning, warehouse & hospitality roles for example, sometimes come with full training provided. Why not pick up a new skill? Finding a new career path is a great way to utilise redwigwam, as well as income-topping.

Join our social group for exclusive updates

Be a part of the community! On our social group we share lots of latest job roles, and we sometimes have competitions. You can join us by clicking the link here.

Work around what you can do

This is the main thing above all, only pick up the extra shifts that you feel you can do. We’re all about flexibility here at redwigwam, and we want you to have the freedom to pick and choose where you want to work, and when you want to. So make sure you’re never overworking yourself.

Looking to earn some extra cash this January?

Whether you're looking for extra staff, or extra cash, we've got you covered in 2022.