18 Hospitality Jobs to Consider

Published on: Wed, 23 Mar 2022
By: Rachael, redwigwam

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 If you’re on the hunt for a job you can fit in around your busy schedule, you should consider finding a role within the Hospitality sector. These types of jobs are mainly customer-facing, so you’ll love interacting with the public & you’ll have excellent customer service skills.

You can start off in an entry-level position and work your way up, but where do you start? There are lots of hospitality roles to choose from, so at redwigwam we’re going to list 18 different jobs to consider.

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Waiting Staff

Waiting staff are at the heart of the business, you’ll be the person responsible for the guests experience whilst they’re in the establishment… 

You’ll be greeting customers as they arrive & show them to their seats. This role also involves handing out menus, taking orders for food and drink whilst also dealing with the bill payments. You’ll ensure the tables are clean and tidy upon guests’ arrival and will clean the table once they’ve departed before the next guests arrive.

This is an entry level role, but you’ll need good communication skills, the ability to remain calm under pressure & able to memorise orders. This is a great opportunity, usually one with lots of tips too!

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Chef de Partie

A Chef de Partie involves running a specific section of the kitchen. You’ll be prepping, cooking and presenting high quality dishes, assisting both the Head Chef & Sous Chef in creating new recipes, deserts and other menu items & assisting with all health & safety procedures.

You’ll ideally have qualifications such as Level 1 and 2 food safety awards & a minimum of 1 year’s relevant experience.

Kitchen Porter

 The Kitchen Porter role involves washing pots and pans, sanitising food preparation areas and cleaning any spills as soon as possible. This is an entry level role, where you can be fully trained – perfect if you’re looking to get your foot through the door in the busy restaurant industry.


Bartenders have a more direct role with customers, by taking their orders and mixing up their drinks. Their responsibilities include complying with any ID rules such as challenge 25, making traditional & classy drinks whilst also cleaning the supplies & ensuring all customers are enjoying their drinks in the establishment.

Training is usually provided with this role; all you’ll need is an interest in drinks & a great memory to memorise all the tasty cocktails!

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Hotel Receptionist  

As the Hotel Receptionist, you are the face of the establishment! You’ll greet guests as they arrive, check them in on the internal system, give them their room keys and help them with any other queries such as where to go for lunch etc. You’re the friendly face guests can rely on, so having excellent customer service skills is key.

You can usually be fully trained within this role, with little experience required. You’ll be organised with knowledge of all things tech.

 Head Chef

 You’ll be in charge of controlling and directing the food preparing process. As the Head Chef, you’ll be approving dishes, working closely with other Chefs to develop them as best as you can & ensure everything is running smoothly.

The goal is to get tasty food out to customers in a timely manner – you will play an important role in this process. You will have experience for this role, with knowledge on how to run a kitchen successfully.

 Sous Chef

 The role of the Sous chef involves working with the Head Chef to ensure everything is running smoothly. You’ll cover day-to-day activities such as managing employees, ensuring the food is fresh & aiding with menu preparation.

Similarly, to the Head Chef role, previous kitchen experience is a must.

Front of House Manager

 This role involves supervising the entire front of house team. You’ll ensure all guests and clients receive a warm welcome, and service runs as smoothly as possible. You may also be involved in recruiting and training staff.

You’ll have worked in a Front of House position before, ready to take on the next step and manage a team.


This role involves providing a personal service, assisting guests within the hotel, apartments, office buildings etc with various tasks. This can include arranging transport, booking a restaurant or any other entertainment assistance.

You’ll have an eye for customer-service with a personal touch, with an additional interest in planning and organising.

Hotel Breakfast Staff

The breakfast team are up bright & early to ensure everything runs smoothly for their guests. You’ll be assembling & disassembling the buffet, ensuring it is well stocked & that guests are having a great time.

No experience is usually needed for this role, it’s another great one if you’re looking to test out different roles within hospitality.

You may have a trial shift first with some of these roles, but it’s usually nothing to worry about and an overall great experience!

Hotel Evening Staff

Your role is preparing everything for the Breakfast staff! You’ll ensure everything is running smoothly of an evening, juggling other tasks such as late check-ins, helping guests with any queries and making sure everything is clean and tidy.

This is another entry level role, great if you want to get into hospitality but don’t fancy the early morning starts!


This role includes greeting guests, taking customers to their seats & helping customers with any needs they may have. You’ll be the face of their experience, dealing with any queries they may have, and ensuring they're having the best time possible from the moment they arrive, to the moment they depart.

Lots of hostess’ start off with no experience, so we’d highly recommend giving this role a go if it comes up on your dashboard!


You’ll be ensuring the bartender has everything they need during the busy periods, to make sure everything runs smoothly & the customers are happy. You’ll supply the bartender with clean glasses, liquor, beer, spirits, ice cubes and garnishes.

Catering Manager

This role involves planning and managing catering events. You’ll be consulting with customers to understand their catering requirements, supervising staff & preparing along with serving food during events.

You’ll have worked in catering before, with a passion for making peoples events as special as possible.

Hotel Manager

As the Hotel Manager you’ll be in charge of the budget and finance management. You’ll be planning, organising and directing all hotel services. This includes front-of-house, food operations & housekeeping.

You’ll have previous experience in a similar role, with the ability to manage budgets and staff.

Hospitality Box Staff

This is another great customer-facing role. You’ll be working in a hospitality box, this is usually at a function or an event, such as a Football Match. Your role will include preparing tables, taking orders and serving customers their food & drinks. This is similar to a waiting role; except you’ll have a designated area/box to give the guests your full attention.  

This role is usually entry level and is excellent for strengthening your waiting skills.

Meet and Greeter

This role involves greeting customers as they enter the establishment. You’ll have a positive and friendly attitude, giving all guests a smile as they enter.

Glass Collector

You’ll be working in a fast-paced environment ensuring all empty glasses have been removed from tables, ready to clean & send back out again. The bar is relying on you to ensure there is a constant flow of glasses for guests – no pressure!

This is an entry level role and can be a great one to start at to get a feel of working in a busy environment.

We hope you’ve found this blog informative, if you’re looking for a hospitality role then you’re in luck. At redwigwam we’re looking for Hotel Breakfast Staff, Waiting Staff, Bartenders, Kitchen Porters and many, many more.

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Looking to start a career in Hospitality?

Whatever hospitality role has sparked your interested, we have you covered. Sign up with us today to find roles in your area.