Case Study: Blackpool Football Club

Published on: Mon, 24 May 2021
By: Fatmir, redwigwam

How flexible staffing solutions from redwigwam saved this football champion from staffing misery


The client 

Blackpool FC is a professional football club established in Blackpool, Lancashire.  

Founded in 1887, Blackpool became the first club to win in every division of the Football League, reaching the Premier League. The club is based at the Bloomfield Road stadium, where it welcomes up to 20,000 fans a game. 

Blackpool is not only home to a men’s team, but it is also home to an under-18 girls’ team and a women’s team.  It operates a training academy for young, aspiring players. The football club also offers several hospitality suites for corporate guests, and lavish conference facilities for meetings and events. 


The challenge

Our partnership with Blackpool began in 2018, when the club was taken over by a new owner, Simon Sadler. After facing some initial financial challenges, the club made the wise decision to invest in the teams’ future and to bring back its former glory. This included modernising the training and hospitality facilities, which had been waning for years due to outdated equipment and a lack of flexible staff. 

Many of their problems started with a traditional recruitment model, which suffered from exorbitant agency fees, slow and inefficient modifications, and a lack of ability to find the right people for the right jobs. 


The redwigwam approach 

Like other companies, Blackpool needed flexibility and choice rather than persevering with a traditional recruitment model with high administrative costs, and lengthy, costly contracts.  

At redwigwam, we believe there needs to be a better way to attract and retain talent. At the heart of our business is our AI-powered technology solution, which enables Blackpool Football Club to source, choose, book, vet, rate, and employ staff by the hour, by the day or even longer. 

We worked closely with the FoH team at Blackpool FC at how we could provide a variety of staffing needs through Meet and Greets and Job Fairs that specialised in the positions needed most, including bartenders, caterers, and kiosk staff. 

We consistently found and provided quality applicants for these positions and more, with an emphasis on flexible hours and shifts. This allowed the Blackpool team to rely heavily on their new hires and to fit the position to the worker.

It was a definite win-win for everyone involved- the worker, management, and the team!   

redwigwam is an integral part of our team. Their excellent team of friendly and experienced staff went above and beyond throughout the whole recruitment process, making sure the transition was seamless. They continue to be on-hand at any time to support and quickly resolve issues either remotely or at our offices. ”

Martin Booker, Business Development Manager

The Outcome

There were some initial staffing challenges as we began working with Blackpool, but it wasn’t long before we were successful in locating the best workers for them by the second football game. However, the willingness of the club to push on and stick with us reaped rewards in the long run as they got to know our staff more and more. This flexible recruiting approach was a success.   

redwigwam is the UK’s top temporary staffing platform, matching over 160,000 staff.  redwigwam provides total visibility by offering flexible staffing opportunities to cover temporary staffing needs day by day or even hour by hour. This allowed Blackpool to increase staff shortfalls for bartenders, hostesses, chefs, and other occupations.  They soon found some staff that they liked and requested back, and they moved other talent from one position to another as needed.  redwigwam is now Blackpool’s long-term staffing partner and the club benefits from 24/7 temporary staffing.  Hats off to Blackpool and we are proud to help them with their staffing needs.  


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