Why your LinkedIn profile is so important

Published on: Tue, 06 Apr 2021
By: Claire, redwigwam

Are you looking for a job?

Now writing a CV and sending it to a potential employer, along with a cover letter is the obvious place to start. We’d all done it (probably) 100s of times.

And if you’re like me – you hate writing them.

They’re not only boring to write, but they’re also boring to look at.

So, have you thought about sending your LinkedIn URL as well as a copy of your CV? Or INSTEAD of, if you’re feeling especially brave.

A well-written application email, along with an up-to-date LinkedIn profile may just catch the eye of your potential new boss…

Before I go on. If you haven’t already got one, make one.  Now.

Here are a few reasons why LinkedIn profiles are the future.

Employers can see you faster than they can with a CV.

You can put your education and employment history on there for employers to look at.

And you can also add your own bio and really let your personality shine through.

This allows you to go a little more in-depth than a CV would. Not only is it great to send to employers – but employers in your area can also find you and send you a direct message about job opportunities.

Putting up your skills is vital if you want to find your ideal job – so make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete.

It shows more of your personality and who you are than a CV does!

Employers can see your hobbies and interests in more detail than they would on a CV or Cover letter.

They can see pages you’re linked to, posts you’ve liked and also pictures you’ve uploaded!

When it comes to a bunch of CV’s, a company can’t tell what you’re like as a person, which may lead to your resume being pushed to one side!

It gives a chance for employers to see what you’re passionate about.

LinkedIn can be used like Facebook; you can post things that inspire/drive you.

If a potential employer sees your passion for books, art, music – this could give them a great impression of you. Even if it’s nothing to do with the job, employers like to see you’re passionate!

It’s a chance to showcase your skills more than a CV ever would.

On a CV, you are simply stating what you believe you’re good at.

On LinkedIn, you can show employers your skills and talents. You can discuss your latest marketing campaign, share an extract of your latest novel or showcase your work in an art gallery.

If employers see you are actively out there showing off your talents, they will be more interested in hiring you.

If you are currently unemployed but working on building up your skills/ or focusing on what you love – this shows determination and passion.

Even if employers don’t ask for your LinkedIn profile, make sure you attach it to the cover letter or add it to your CV.

This will give you a head start amongst all the other candidates and show employers what you’re about!

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