Cities with the best student nightlife

Published on: Fri, 27 Nov 2020
By: Dan, redwigwam

Choosing the right university is no longer just about picking the right course for your future career aspirations, it’s also about the nightlife! So, we thought we’d guide you through some of the top student nights in the cities with the highest-ranking universities (with a little help from findings from Which? Guide).

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This buzzing metropolitan city is considered as being one of the UK’s clubbing capitals and is a great place for students to have a reet great night out on the toon.

Notable places include Tiger Tiger (located next to the Gate) on Monday’s with fancy dress events galore and Digital nightclub, situated next to the International Centre Of Life. This club is considered as being one of the best nightclubs in Geordie land, which, at the time of writing, charges an 80p entry fee on a Monday with £1 drinks.


This rainy city has a strong music history that has resulted in catering for a wide selection of music genres making for a great night out for everyone.

Popular student haunts include Fifth Avenue, a club offering different events every night of the week – with cheap drinks and shots to boot (think 90p Jagerbombs) along with 42nd Street, a predominately indie club that also offers ridiculously cheap drink prices.


The birthplace of The Beatles (and redwigwam!) has something for everyone with dance clubs and indie bars sitting alongside one another in perfect harmony.

One of the must-do student nights occurs on a Wednesday night at Medication in Nation (the place where Cream was born).

Each week involves a different fancy dress theme, and each room inside the super club plays different music, with the ‘cheese’ room being the most popular!


This compact bohemian city is renown for its colourful nightlife and has plenty to offer for the new wave of students that descend upon it year after year.

Trash Mondays, held at Coalition, is considered a Monday night institution in Brighton. The £1 drinks offer also mean you should be going home with some change in your pocket at the end of the night.


The unofficial capital of Yorkshire is an extremely popular choice for students and has a lot to offer students who may feel that they’re a little spoilt for choice!

Mint club is a popular destination for students on a Monday with some of Leeds best DJ’s playing a mix of House, Tech, Garage and Hip Hop across the club and the warehouse.

For something a little different you’ll be wanting to head to HiFi Club – a club that can boast of being a three times winner of the ‘Best Nightclub’ at the annual Leeds Bar & Club Awards – is also home to the UK’s longest-running weekly Soul night, MoveOnUp, on a Wednesday night. Great for Motown lovers and fancy dress haters (fancy dress and stag and hen parties are prohibited.)


The largest city in Scotland, and the third-largest in the UK, has a whole plethora of student nights and is considered the biggest and best night out in Scotland.

The Garage is one of the most popular destinations for students looking for a cheap night out and is also one of the longest standing student venues – it’s over 20 years old! A particular popular night is Neverland on a Thursday, this fun night includes the likes of bouncy castles and free candyfloss!


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Looking for a more flexible way to work?

Nine to five doesn't exist in our world. Join our redwigwam community and find work that fits in around your lifestyle.