Striking a work-life balance at university

Published on: Thu, 26 Nov 2020
By: Dan, redwigwam

Is getting a work-life balance at university even possible?

Well, it’s hard. But yes. It’s absolutely achievable.

Balancing your studies, along with everything else is a bit of an art.

It requires a bit of compromise and plenty of proactive behaviour. Keeping up to date and on top of your university work means you’ll have more free time to earn some extra cash. Which then means you’ll have money to spend on other stuff!

Of course, when you’re not studying, writing essays, or preparing for exams, you’ll want to be earning some money AND enjoying time for yourself.

What you don’t want, is to be spending every waking hour you’re not studying, working in a job which doesn’t give you the freedom to enjoy downtime too.

So being able to pick and choose where and when you work, is surely the ideal scenario for students everywhere?

If you don’t want to work every weekend, or if you’d rather not work late nights after a gruelling day of lectures, then redwigwam is a brilliant way to find alternative solutions.

Our website acts as a platform between employers looking for temporary workers, and people searching for temporary or part-time employment. So it’s absolutely perfect for students looking to find a balance.

Where a lot of recruitment companies lack in tailored searches, redwigwam delivers temporary and part-time work opportunities to you, based on your location, availability and skills.

All employers are looking for something different, just as students are. Many students just want a couple of hours of work here and there to fit around long days on campus. This is ideal for an employer who is struggling to find cover for a couple of hours. redwigwam matches you to job opportunities which fit around your schedule.

University hours can be a little all over the place. Morning lectures, afternoon lectures, full days, free days. And of course, your free time changes too, depending on your immediate workload, deadlines, exams – and last minute alterations to lecture times! And let’s not forget free time and other commitments too – perhaps you’re also a member of a sports team and need to fit work around games and training.

All of this can be a little complex to keep up with! And try explaining it to an employer…

Searching for the right job to allow for a little balance can be exhausting, as can each discussion with separate employers about your varying availability from week to week.

Sign up for redwigwam, and you just book jobs when you know you’ll be available. Simple

So yes – the elusive work-life balance is within easy reach for every kind of student!

Looking for a more flexible way to work?

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