How to get work experience whilst studying

Published on: Fri, 27 Nov 2020
By: Rachael, redwigwam

Heading to university soon? You’d be right in thinking university work takes up a lot of time. But it’s also hugely important you should also be thinking about how to fit in work experience on top of it.

Really, this is about the end game. Although if you can make a bit extra cash with temporary jobs while you’re studying, then that’s no bad thing!

While a lack of work experience once you graduate, won’t prevent you from getting a job, it will make it more difficult.

It’s a vicious circle – you struggle to find a job without experience to support your application, but you won’t get the experience unless someone gives you a job.



So it makes absolute sense to use your time in university as a prime opportunity to get some work experience under your belt.

Most universities in the UK have a careers service, which is a good place to start your search. A careers consultant working at the university might be able to help you find a related part-time role in the university itself or even a local work placement. Make good use of their contacts and available resources whilst you can.

The careers service is not the only place on campus you can look. Plenty of universities have job sections on their websites, and discussing experience with your tutors could also prove beneficial. Tutors often bring in guest speakers or professionals in the field for lectures and seminars. They might have a network which extends beyond the reach of the careers department.

Looking beyond your university, and doing some research of your own might be the best option though – and of course, you can start this right now – before you even get to university!

While you can ask big, well-known businesses, it’s also worth enquiring at independent, local businesses too. Experience is experience, and gaining it somewhere that’s well-known doesn’t make it any more valuable.

And of couse companies like redwigwam are a brilliant bet when it comes to finding temporary or casual work opportunities. We cater to everybody – so sign up and find a temporary job to help build up your portfolio of work experience.

Even if a job you like the sound of isn’t necessarily in your desired field, it’s worth thinking about how the experience can be tailored towards your end goal. And the extra money certainly comes in handy too! redwigwam can provide you with opportunities in places you may not have thought to look.

Understandably, many students feel like it’s a lot of work to undertake on top of your studies – especially if you haven’t even got to uni yet!

In reality, however, work experience could help you in your studies. It can provide you with first-hand experience, different viewpoints and will help set you up for your future career, not to mention the networking contacts you could make!

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