Finding a job if you don’t want to continue with your studies

Published on: Fri, 27 Nov 2020
By: Elliott, redwigwam

For many people, higher education was always part of the plan. And for most, going to university to continue your studies is much easier, and more accessible than it was when your parents were young.

It’s almost as if younger people are now expected to go to university and continue their studies straight after they complete their A levels. It’s seen as the ‘right thing’ to do, and the next step on your path to your chosen career.

But of course, this isn’t actually the case. University is definitely not for everybody. Many people go to university to study a subject, only to figure out that they want to go down a completely different path after they have graduated. And some people feel that university, or continuing their studies, probably isn’t for them at all. But if you count yourself amongst this number, then you might also be thinking, ‘but what else will I do?’

The fundamental reason to go into higher education is to expand your knowledge in a particular subject. Now if you don’t know what that subject should be, and have no desire to continue with your current studies, then it is absolutely OK.

You need a new direction to go, and the first step in finding out what that direction should be is finding a job!

Finding your first job when you’ve decided not to continue with your studies may feel a little daunting.

If you’ve had part-time jobs, summer jobs, weekend jobs or any type of work experience, then you’ll already have a whole host of skills to pop on your CV.

But if this is your first ever job, then you need to figure out what your strengths are, and have found examples to support them. These examples don’t need to be work-related if you have no work experience, they just need to demonstrate you have the skills you say you do.

Temporary work could be the perfect solution if you’re not quite sure what you want to do and want to try your hand at a number of different jobs. You’ll get a good feel for how different industries work – and how vastly workplaces can differ! Temporary work provides you with flexibility, but less commitment and is a superb way to put out feelers and gain an understanding of what it is you really enjoy doing.

redwigwam is a brilliant place to start. We’ll find you job matches which are tailored to your current situation. By registering and providing details of your skills, strengths and availability, you’ll give us all the information we need to match you to a variety of different jobs quickly and efficiently.

Before you know it, you’ll have a whole load of new skills and experiences to add to your CV – and maybe even find an industry you absolutely love!

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