Top 5 reasons you should be a warehouse worker

Published on: Wed, 21 Jul 2021
By: Rachael, redwigwam

Are you a recent graduate, unsure on what career path to take?

Or are you looking for a career move, but not sure where to go next?

Whether you’re looking for a long (or short) term role, a career in Warehouse could be the next move for you.

There are often mixed reviews on warehouse roles and careers, so finding out whether it’s the right fit for you is crucial. Here at redwigwam, we can help.

As well as informing you about benefits of Warehouse roles, we can also offer you a career in warehouse today. With a wide range of warehouse roles spread out across the UK, we have something for everyone.

Joe's story

Joe found himself looking for a job in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and turned to flexible work specialists redwigwam to help.

We found him work in a nearby warehouse - with weekly pay, ongoing shifts and a whole host of other benefits, Joe is now employed full time in a job he really enjoys.

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Why should you consider a career as a warehouse operative?

Let’s take a look at some of the perks...


It’s a high demand role

Unlike some other professions, the Warehouse sector has thrived during the pandemic – and there’s no signs it’ll stop afterwards!

The growth can only mean one thing: more Warehouse roles, and more opportunities to kickstart your career.

The earning opportunities with Warehouse roles are endless. Not only are you a hot candidate with Warehouse experience across the booming sector, but the high demand also means you can pick up lots of overtime, with more employment opportunities elsewhere too if you’re looking to earn some extra cash.

It’s the sector that never stops hiring – a huge positive if you’re looking for a new job.

Having this experience under your belt could also help if you move location – no matter where you move in the UK, there will be roles, and they need to be filled!


It’s a great way to gain the experience and skills you need

Are you looking to supercharge your CV? The warehouse sector is perfect for this. If you take a role within this sector, you are guaranteed to learn:

  • Teamwork skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Speed
  • Working in a busy environment
  • Hitting targets

These skills look seriously impressive on a CV, meaning you can apply them to any role you might fancy in the future.



If you know anything about us at redwigwam, you’ll know we love flexible working. A career in Warehouse is a sector that provides lots of flexibility and can offer employees a great work/life balance.

Shift variety often means you’ll have the pick of mornings, afternoons, or evenings. The rota is always rotating, and shift managers are usually flexible if there are certain days or hours you can’t do.

A lot of warehouses hire temporary staff, which is perfect if you are looking for temp work between studies or other commitments.

If you book a warehouse role with redwigwam, you would be employed by us, with a wide range of temporary, flexible warehouse work available - with days and hours to suit you.

The flexibility is endless!


Opportunity for growth

A lot of Warehouses provide great training programmes and opportunities for those looking to expand their experience and level of responsibility in the sector. If you start off in an entry-level Warehouse position, this is definitely something you can ask your line manager about.

Warehouses often promote from within and are always looking for people who want to develop. Even if you go in through redwigwam as a temporary Warehouse Operative, you are open to these type of opportunities – so the offer is always there if you wanted to grow.


There are a variety of roles within the industry

This is one of the many great things about warehouse work – the variety. There are lots of different roles to choose from, and while some of those roles may not be for you, others might be perfect.

Do you have an eye for detail? You may be ideal for a picker-packer role.

Are you interested in driving or operating machines? Maybe try a forklift operating role.

It’s worth noting that every warehouse is different, and you may find yourself preferring shifts in one place over others – but that’s the beauty of temping, you can find what’s right for you!


So, what’s next?

Want to give it a go?

Redwigwam currently have plenty of warehouse roles across the UK. You’d be employed by us, and we’d look after you to make sure you grow in your role. Whether you’re just looking to gain some experience, or you want to start off a serious warehouse career – book a warehouse role today & test it out for yourself!


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