Frequently asked questions about picker-packer jobs

Are you looking for a job as a Pick Packer? Here are the answers to some FAQ's about working as a Pick Packer in a warehouse. 

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What is a Pick Packer?

This is one of the most common roles within the warehouse industry, and if you’re signed up to redwigwam you probably see a lot of them.

Your main task will be pulling & packing products based on customer orders. This role will be target driven, with the goal of packing as many orders as fast as possible, with no damage to the packages.

What does a Pick Packer do?

A Pick Packer involves the picking & packing of customer orders.

You can expect to do the following:

  • Picking & Packing for Orders to customers
  • Performing weekly/monthly stock orders
  • Ensuring daily KPI’s are met
  • Quality checking packages before they’re sent to customers
  • Assisting with stock intakes
  • Following all health and safety procedures

What qualifications does a Pick Packer need?

No experience or qualifications are needed for this role. You’ll usually attend an induction where you’re shown how things will be done, and they may test if you can handle heavy lifting (if there is any) on site. The induction is great for asking any questions about the role and seeing other Pick Packers in action. 


Upon leaving the induction you’ll know your shift manager and what your day-to-day tasks look like.  

How much do Pick Packers get paid?

This will usually depend on the depot and shift pattern. In most cases, the people on the AM, PM and NIGHT shift will be on different pay, with the people on NIGHTS earning a bit more. 

Pick Packer roles tend to range from £9 per hour up until £13, with excellent over time rates available once you’ve reached 37.5 hours.  

Is a Pick Packer job hard?

Being a Pick Packer is a great role, but it can get repetitive. You’ll spend a lot of hours on your feet, completing the same tasks for 8 hours straight. So, you’ll have to be ok with routine, and also be ok with some heavy lifting & being on your feet all day. 

It’s not all doom & gloom though! A Pick Packer role can be extremely rewarding with lots of depots increasing their wages quarterly, pool tables & onsite gyms and even hot breakfasts and product discounts! There is also a massive opportunity to develop and move up the ranks. 

How do I find a Pick Packer job?

The easiest & quickest way to find a Pick Packer job is by getting online & signing up to an agency. Lots of Warehouses are now partnering with agencies to find their team of Pick Packers, with online orders booming, the demand has never been so high.  

If you sign up to an agency like redwigwam, you can be matched with Warehouse roles in your area. You can then pick and induction & your Warehouse Community Manager can talk you through all the next steps. 

It’s never been easier! It’s worth noting too that Pick Packers will always be in demand, so if you’re looking for regular work wherever you are, Pick Packing experience is an excellent choice.  

How to become a Pick Packer

Becoming a Pick Packer has never been easier. At redwigwam we’re looking for Pick Packers nationwide, you can sign up today & book an induction for tomorrow.  Simply sign up using your email address here and we’ll automatically match you to relevant jobs nearby.   

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