Key takeaways : How to Boost your LinkedIn profile

Published on: Fri, 30 Apr 2021
By: Rachael, redwigwam

In the second installment of our very own SuperPowerUp Campaign, we wanted to highlight the importance of your LinkedIn profile, and give you lots of tips along the way. We were delighted to have social media expert, Alexander Low run this session as he took us through the steps of boosting our profiles!

It was really insightful and has helped both wigwammers and the internal redwigwam team. We wanted to go over the key takeaways from this Webinar, for a recap or for those who missed it.

Keep reading for 6 tips so you can boost your LinkedIn profile this year…


  1. Keep Tracking Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score

Everyone has a LinkedIn Social Selling Index score. Don’t know how to get that? Don’t worry – here is how you can find yours. Follow the link here and click on ‘get your score for free.’

It works across four different areas.


The first score is based on establishing your personal brand. This is how you present yourself on LinkedIn. Each score is out of 25 and totals to a score of 100. Alexander says if you are job hunting, or in a client-facing role, your score should ideally be at 20. In order to achieve this, you need to make sure you have a solid, up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

The second score is based on finding the right people. This score is mainly based on how you search on LinkedIn. If you’re job hunting, aim for around the 15 score mark.

The third score is around engaging with insights. Alexander believes this is one of the most important scores out of them all. LinkedIn is a place where recruiters and job hunters go, but that is not its only purpose. It is a great place for building conversations with new people and widening your network. Even if you aren’t currently job hunting, you could find your next future business opportunity by engaging with others. The more likes and comments you put on people's posts, the more visible you will become.

The final score is on building relationships. As you start to build your network, the higher your score should appear. Keep connecting with people that interest and inspire you, and your score will keep rising.


  1. Make Sure You Know the 3 Main Pillars of LinkedIn


There are three main pillars of LinkedIn you need to take into consideration when it comes to your own profile.

Firstly, personal brand. We all know first impressions count! Every time someone finds your LinkedIn profile, for instance, a potential employer – what they see before they have met or spoken will leave either a good or a bad impression on them. Make sure to include in your profile what you stand for, your hobbies, and what you’re passionate about – those will be the things employers remember.

Secondly, we have your network. The more connected you become to people on LinkedIn, the more opportunity you have to be seen when you start to do or share things online. Whether that be an amazing new project, or to share your work life with your connections. LinkedIn, like all social media platforms, has an algorithm to it, so the more connections you have – the more people will see what you’re doing. Roughly 10% of your connections will see your posts, so the more you connect, the more you will be seen!

The final pillar is engaging. Make sure you’re not invisible on LinkedIn. Engage with other accounts daily, and your engagement score will go up higher!


  1. Your LinkedIn Profile – It is a Personal Website Specifically for You

When looking at your LinkedIn profile, you should see it as your own personal website. Firstly, take a look at your LinkedIn profile picture – is it professional enough? If there are other people in the photo or a crop of someone’s arm with a beer or glass of wine in their hand, take that down… Replace it with a more professional photograph. That includes keeping your pets out of the picture… save that for Facebook!


Tell your story in the ‘About me’ section. Let readers know what you’re passionate about, so people with the same thoughts and views can connect with you.


Created a piece of content or written an article you’re proud of? Show it off – add it to the featured section of your profile so people can take a look. This helps focus on the industry you want to get into.


Make sure to list every role you have done, along with your skills (remember, you can add up to 50.) Are you currently a Wigwammer? Add redwigwam to your job history and connect with the Wigwammer community!


Lastly, personalise your URL. More people will be able to find you this way, and it looks a lot more professional. Please click here to personalise your LinkedIn URL.

Want to learn more about SuperPower Up?

Click the link below to find out more about redwigwam's SuperPower Up series and how it can help you upskill in 2021!

   4. Don’t just connect, follow too…

To engage with potential employers, click ‘follow’. If you follow an employer you like the look of, they may take a look at your page, and connect with you – it also keeps you in the loop of all their job opportunities.


  1. Follow a Range of Hashtags

Follow hashtags about stuff you’re passionate about. The great thing about following hashtags is it brings you into different conversations. This can help you start networking with new people and help your engagement score!


  1. Post Once a Day

Try to post once per day on LinkedIn, and no more than that. LinkedIn is really trying to get people in conversations with one another, so Alexander suggests posting once per day, giving plenty of context to your post.

Make sure to use between five to six hashtags per post, by adding hashtags, it brings your content into view of people all over the world.


We hope you enjoyed this webinar with Alex, if you missed it and this blog leaves you wanting more – you can watch the full webinar below! Keep an eye out for the next SuperPowerUp Webinar coming very soon 👀

'How to boost your LinkedIn webinar' - SuperpowerUP webinar

Re-watch the full webinar here: