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Welcome to SuperPower Up - a place where our redwigwam team skills and your appetite to learn connect so you can come out of the other side ready and stronger than ever.

The past year has challenged our redwigwam community in more ways than one. So, during 2021 we're going to be holding a series of webinars in all sorts of different topics, empowering you to make choices about the way you want to live.

As a wigwammer you'll also have access to our free elearning portal, which has practical courses available for you to complete, which means even more skills in your armoury to use in a post-covid life.  

Following on from our last popular digital marketing session we asked you what topic you would like to see next.

We're bringing you one of the most popular LinkedIn speakers in the country!

SuperPower Up - How to Boost your LinkedIn Profile: Wednesday 21st April @ 1.30pm

Under the guidance of social media expert Alexander Low, this webinar will teach you how to connect with redwigwam’s LinkedIn community, using the platform to show off your work experience and best networking practice.

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About Alex:

With over 15 years sales experience, Alex is a man in the know. He is at the forefront of understanding the latest AI & machine learning technologies and how they are used in a social context. He now consults businesses on how to get the best out of digital selling platforms - we couldn't be more chuffed to have someone with his expertise deliver this session!

An Introduction to Digital Marketing - webinar now available

Our SuperPower Up initiative is also for those of you who were unable to attend the webinar. You can watch it here at your own leisure. Once you've completed watching the video, take a short test and then add the skill to your profile! Hurrah!

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