Want a new job in 2021?

Published on: Wed, 18 Nov 2020
By: Isobel, redwigwam

Want a new job?

Lorna Davidson, Founder & CEO of redwigwam, offers up some expert advice on how to make your CV stand out from the crowd and land that dream job.

As featured in Closer magazine…

When it comes to CVs, first impressions count, as recruiters make a decision on whether to discard an application or not in just seven seconds. 

As a successful entrepreneur and the CEO here at redwigwam, Lorna knows a thing or two about separating remarkable resumés from the mediocre!

Avoid these three things

We all know the basics; try to stick to one page, keep it simple and relevant, and check for spelling mistakes. But what makes a CEO keep reading past the seven seconds?

For Lorna, accuracy is top of the list.

“The top three things I hate seeing in a CV are spelling mistakes, inaccuracies in dates, and someone not selling themselves.”

Stand out from the crowd

In a competitive job market, it’s important to stand out from the crowd.

An interesting hobby or life experience makes applicants more memorable and in turn, means I would be more likely to contact them.

Don’t be lazy or exaggerate your experience 

Lorna believes that an impromptu phone call is a great way to understand candidates quickly.

So before you submit your CV ensure you’re really familiar with it and can confidently talk about your experience when asked. If you’ve exaggerated on things or lied about dates, this is when you’ll get caught out – and this is an instant no for a future employer.

People are becoming lazier when applying for jobs; if you are applying for lots of roles it’s important to tailor your CV to each job specification and include your skills which are relevant to that job. Taking those few extra minutes to check for inaccuracies and add something different to your résumé could be the difference between landing that dream job offer or another rejection. ”

Lorna Davidson, Founder & CEO, redwigwam

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