Money blogger mum turned to redwigwam to help her get out of debt

Published on: Tue, 17 Nov 2020
By: Laura, redwigwam

A savvy money blogger mum who was once swamped by debt turned to redwigwam to help her get back into the black.

Mother-of-one Francesca Henry from Gloucester signed up to redwigwam when she was looking for flexible temporary part-time work to fit around looking after her daughter.

Today she juggles a part-time office job with a series of temporary jobs including online surveys and mystery shopping to earn up to an extra £260 per week. Now debt-free Francesca says:

“I signed up with redwigwam a few years ago because I liked the idea that I could make some extra money by becoming a Mystery Shopper for them or getting some part-time work. The more income streams you have the better.

I’m looking for little part-time jobs or market research work where you have to go into a shop and take photographs of product displays and report back. I’ve filtered my profile on redwigwam so I get sent regular alerts for the jobs relevant to me which saves time going through a bunch of sites.

The system is easy to use, the work is interesting and, best of all, it fits around me and my lifestyle. They also pay the minimum wage.

When I was in debt in my early twenties and my daughter was a baby, then and a toddler so it was very hard to do anything. I needed my work to fit around her. It’s great that today there are companies like redwigwam who are offering parents a flexible way of working.

When I get a mystery shopper job from them my daughter loves coming along with me. I tell her we are being detectives, which she thinks is great fun.

I love being able to work in this way to bring in some extra cash and so do lots of people I know in their twenties and thirties, especially parents with young children. I’d definitely encourage my daughter to do the same as soon as she is old enough.”

Francesca runs a successful money blog called The Money Fox and has launched a free email service to help anyone earn up to £1,000 in just eight weeks by using her tried and trusted money-making methods. 

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