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Published on: Tue, 17 Nov 2020
By: Rachael, redwigwam

As a recent graduate myself, I’ve left university with some impressive qualifications under my belt – but next to no experience.

I’ve written blog posts on how temp jobs can supercharge your CV and give it the spurt of life it needs to get you that all-important graduate role.

And it’s true – it really can.

Lorna Davidson is the founder and CEO of Redwigwam – a fast-growing temp agency based in Liverpool.

She believes too many students are leaving university with bland generic CV’s that don’t stand out from one another.

It’s all well and good having amazing grades and qualifications.

But the truth is, everyone has them.

I’m going to share with you some advice from Lorna.

Really investigate your social media

I get it. You’ve finished uni and you want to enjoy your final summer before you look for a job in September. You’ve probably had loads of fun – and documented it all on social media.

But your potential employer doesn’t want to look at your summer of fun being a PR in Magaluf.

Delete those photos and if you can’t, change your Facebook name.

You can even change your privacy and select your close friends to see those boozy photos – not your future boss.

Dress to impress.

It is vital that you look presentable during a job interview!

Not only will it help employers take you seriously – if you’re dressed smartly you’ll think smarter.

Do your research.

Always research the company you’re interviewing with.

It’s something schools don’t really teach you.

Lorna herself spent a lot of time understanding the UCAS point system and making sure her sons' personal statements were the best they could possibly be!

Unfortunately, schools don’t give parents and students the guidance they need.

Researching for the right place to go to University is similar to looking for job roles.

If the place you're interviewing with has a website - make sure to have a browse.

Make your CV sing.

Having no less than an A in all of your exams and a Duke of Edinburgh award under your belt isn’t enough.

It’s a great achievement, and of course, be proud of it.

But having those qualifications are so common nowadays, most of us (me included) don’t stand a chance.

Redwigwam offer students 16+ a chance to experience many different roles – not to mention they’re a great company to work for.

They offer anything from a temporary admin role, mystery shopper, or even a chance to work in field sales marketing. Get as much experience under your belt as you can. It isn't necessarily going to be a 'forever' job - but you'll learn so much, and your CV will stand out from the crowd. 

Know the difference between a job and a career.

You probably think you know it already, but do you?

People who want a job work 9-5 and switch off out of hours – longing for the weekend.

Career-focused individuals do numerous tasks on the weekend, answer late-night emails and talk about their job non-stop.

Giving temp work a go can boost your chances of finding the job you’ve always wanted.

A seriously lacklustre CV can be a huge disadvantage but a very easy way to improve it, while also earning some extra cash, is through flexible, temporary work. We’re revolutionising the way those who need temporary workers and those looking for temporary jobs find each other. ”

Lorna Davidson, CEO, redwigwam

redwigwam has won a number of awards, including Best Temp Recruitment Agency, and has been labelled one of the UK’s Top 50 Disruptive Businesses.

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