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If you stop to think for a moment – many of the products we enjoy picking up from stores or having delivered to our homes, wouldn’t be possible without the hard work, dedication and effort of a warehouse operative in Warrington.

People are now buying almost everything exclusively online – be it daily use items like clothes and shoes, electronics and gadgets or fresh produce. The pandemic has further driven the need to buy just about everything online – in fact, the rate of online shopping sales, which had been steadily declining over a course of 10 years, saw a 37% increase in 2020, which was six times that of 2019. Online grocery sales reached a record £18B in 2020, while global e-commerce has jumped to $26.7 trillion since the pandemic began.

Warehouse operatives are a key component of the entire online sales lifecycle as they ensure the right goods reach the intended buyer in a timely fashion. Just do a quick search for “warehouse jobs near me” and you’ll see how warehouse jobs in Warrington, UK, are always in high demand.

Keep reading as we discuss what it takes to make it as a warehouse operative.

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What does a warehouse operative do?

Warehouse jobs are a critical element in a country’s supply chain efficiency. It’s skilled and qualified warehouse operatives in Warrington, for instance, who help in delivering the required goods and products to homes, offices and shops all across the UK.

The duties involved in warehouse jobs in Warrington, UK, may vary a little, but the basic responsibilities are more or less the same: track stock manually or typically with the aid of a warehouse management system, stock items properly and ensure everything is accounted for without getting damaged or lost.


A day in the life of a warehouse operative in Warrington

When people look for “warehouse jobs near me” or warehouse jobs in Warrington, their first instinct is to see it as temporary form of work. However, working as a warehouse operative in Warrington is something you can pursue as a full-time career. If you explore some of the positions around warehouse jobs in Warrington, UK, you’ll see that many warehouse operatives started out on a temporary contract – and used the skills they acquired to work on a permanent basis, while some even get promoted to supervisor or manager.

However, bear in mind that warehouse jobs in general can be quite demanding – but at the same time – also very rewarding, particularly for like-minded professionals who love meeting targets and prefer to work in an environment where they’re moving around, rather than parked behind a desk all day.

Not only that, but if you end up with a team that’s just as dedicated, then working as a warehouse operative in Warrington can be a very fulfilling experience. Companies are always quick to recognise warehouse operatives with a go-getter attitude and waste little time promoting them to a higher position.


Life as a warehouse operative

Wigwammer Simon reflects on his time working in a warehouse job throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Warehouse jobs in Warrington: what it takes to be a professional warehouse operative

If you’re looking to be a warehouse operative in Warrington, then great! You’ll play an active role in the UK supply chain, helping deliver goods to thousands of homes, shops and offices all over the region. To be good at this job though, you’re going to need a keen sense of observation and a real eye for detail. A lack of attention to detail means you might rush through orders – if that happens then it could prove disastrous for you, your team, and the company you work for.

In addition, you’ll be required to work with a great deal of precision and accuracy, as moving things around manually and by using forklifts and other warehouse equipment is going to be a part of your daily routine. Some warehouse owners will require a forklift license before you can start working as a warehouse operative in Warrington.

All the above are a prerequisite, except for a forklift license requirement, which varies from company to company.

While general English and maths skills would certainly help, they’re not a must, when it comes to warehouse jobs in Warrington. A UK-issued driving license may also help, as some employers ask warehouse operatives to complete a forklift driving test before they can start working.

Maybe you’re wondering what the average pay is for a warehouse operative in Warrington? It’s £9.80 per hour, which may vary a little depending on the shift timings or the number of hours you agree to work.


Top 3 must-have skills to be successful as a warehouse operative


During your search for “warehouse jobs near me” or “warehouse jobs in Warrington”, you may have come across many warehouse operative job profiles where flexibility is a key requirement. Warehouse jobs are not just about moving around boxes or driving a forklift truck between two pick-up/drop-off points. Most warehousing companies today expect a warehouse operative to be able to use computer software for automating tasks, for example.

Therefore, if you want to be successful as a warehouse operative in Warrington, then you need to be very flexible in the way you work. A warehouse work environment can be very challenging and diverse at the same time – even a shift in the weather forecast might mean that the demands of the job can change, and you’ll have to be on your feet to quickly adapt. Your work schedule may also change as a result, so always be flexible and have a can-do attitude.



As we just discussed, warehouse jobs in Warrington, UK can be quite demanding, and circumstances may change at the drop of a hat. Therefore, the ability to stay calm and make rational decisions under pressure, while still meeting your daily responsibilities or targets, is a major attribute that warehouse employers actively look for.

You may be asked to handle a variety of tasks at the same time and be able to do them responsibility while judging setting the level of priority or urgency accordingly. This is a major soft skill that warehouse jobs in Warrington demand: staying organised even when things get hectic.



Most employers demand this skill and understandably so. However, this particularly applies to warehouse jobs as companies are looking for someone who is always on time, doesn’t make excuses to not show up to work, has a strong work ethic and is always willing to help others out.

Being reliable and dependable also means following all the rules and setting a good example – this includes maintaining a professional attitude and when we talk about ‘setting a good example’, you don’t want to be using your phone more often than you need to or gossip about anything whatsoever, be it work-related or not.


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