Working as a redwigwam warehouse worker

Published on: Mon, 07 Mar 2022
By: Rachael, redwigwam

At redwigwam, we have warehouse roles all over the UK. They come with excellent rates of pay, brilliant flexibility and full training provided. That means for a lot of these roles, you don’t need any experience, which is perfect if you want to test warehousing out or you need a job to fit in with your studies.

It’s super-easy and quick to sign up!

Have you ever thought about giving it a go?

We’re going to cover all the basics with you, from becoming a warehouse worker with redwigwam, to everything you need to know once you’re there.

Looking for warehouse work?

1. Fill in all your details

If you’re looking for warehouse work in the UK – perfect, you’ve come to the right place.

Firstly, we need you to sign up and create an account with us. You’ll need to fill in your profile including your details, adding your skills, how far you’d like to travel and your right to work checks.


2. Confirm your induction and receive your care package

Once you’ve completed your profile, it's time to book your warehouse induction.

Check your job opportunities page to see what is available nearby and simply book your chosen induction date.

If you don’t see any near you, contact the Live Chat team who will be able to help. 

You’ll receive a confirmation email, along with a care package which will have all the information you need about your new role.

If you have any questions, you'll also be given contact details for your Warehouse Community Manager who is on hand to help. They’ll be with you during this whole process and can help you with whatever you may need.


3. Attend your induction 

Your induction is an important next step as it's an introduction into the day-to-day life of the warehouse and what your role will involve. 

The exact structure of the day does vary between depots, but generally you'll get a tour of the warehouse and where you will be working and also complete some health and safety training. 

The best way to get full understanding of a day-in-the-life of a warehouse worker is to follow a manager around the depot who’ll show you each part of the warehouse and what everyone there does. Please use this opportunity to ask as many questions as possible.

Our warehouse workers tell us the induction is a really valuable session as you can really get a feel of the atmosphere and if this role is for you.

After the tour, you may be asked to try out some tasks for yourself. This is perfect to try-before-you-buy and really see what the job is about, and most importantly, if you can realistically manage it.

A lot of the depots require some heavy lifting and repetition, so that is something to consider. The great thing about it though, is it’s extremely rewardable with excellent benefits!


4. Get your start date and rota

Once you’ve successfully completed your induction, you're ready to start work! 

Usually the warehouse (not redwigwam) will be in touch with your start date and rota. All you need to do is turn up for your first shift as agreed. 

If you have any questions at all ahead of this, please get in touch with your Community Manager who will be happy to help. 


5. Get paid (every Friday)

Our warehouse team are paid weekly, on a Friday. (You can also select monthly if you’d prefer, which will mean you’re paid the last Friday of the month). If you have picked daily pay, all your warehouse hours are paid together on a Friday. 

If you've worked for redwigwam before, you might be expecting timesheets in your account to submit. Please don’t worry if you can't see these - we manage things a little differently for our warehouse team. Your hours are sent to us every Monday and we auto approve them for you.

This means you don’t have to faff around taking photos or remember to submit anything – the only thing we’d recommend is keeping a note of your hours in case you feel there are any discrepancies with your pay. While we try to avoid this, mistakes can sometimes happen!

It's worth noting, there’s no specific time you’ll be paid, it’s between the hours of 9am-6pm. Your timesheets will have been auto submitted & approved for you between Monday-Wednesday. Please check on a Wednesday evening that your timesheets have been submitted. You should receive an email to confirm this, or you can look on the ‘approved’ timesheets within the timesheet tab of your redwigwam account. 


How does pay work?

In most cases, your rota will run Sunday-Saturday, so if your first shift is on a Sunday, you won’t be paid until the following Friday for that shift. Any unpaid breaks or late starts/early finishes will be taken out of your hours, so please keep that into consideration when logging your pay.

If you’ve had any bonus’ or worked overtime, this will also be added to your timesheet accordingly.


Do I need to take photos/sign in and out of anywhere? 

No! Your timesheets are auto approved by us & we do not need to see any sign in/out photographs. All you’ll need to do is follow the rules within the depot and sign in/out accordingly either with a fob or a handbook.

Please make sure you do sign in/out properly so the warehouse knows you were there.


How do I claim holiday pay?

Please email to claim any holiday pay. 


6. Once you’ve been working there for over 13 weeks, you may be moved over to the main supplier’s agency

Our contracts with the warehouse means that in some cases, you’ll switch agency/employer after 13 weeks. If this happens – congratulations! It's a huge achievement and means you’ve secured a better chance at more progression within the depot.

If you have any issues with this, please discuss with your Warehouse Community Manager.


7. Remember, we’re still here

If you decide warehouse work isn’t for you, or if you move over after 13 weeks to a new employer – you’re still very much a Wigwammer!

Please feel free to complete more roles with us and maybe even try something new, like merchandising or mystery shopping!

We hope this has helped you, if you have any questions please contact us on Live Chat! 


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Looking for warehouse work?