12 Types of Warehouse Jobs to Consider

Published on: Thu, 10 Mar 2022
By: Rachael, redwigwam

Are you looking for your next job? If you’re on the hunt for a role filled with variety and great long-term progression opportunities, you may want to consider a role in the warehouse industry.

You can start off in an entry-level position and work your way up the ladder within a short space of time. Most entry-level positions start with full training and great pay, with a range of shifts to choose from. At redwigwam, we want to discuss the different types of roles you can pursue within the sector, and what each of them entail.

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Pick Packer

This is one of the most common roles within the warehouse industry, and if you’re signed up to redwigwam you probably see a lot of them. Your main task will be pulling & packing products based on customer orders. This role will be target driven, with the goal of packing as many orders as fast as possible, with no damage to the packages.

This role is an excellent one to start out in if you aren’t sure what career you’re looking for, a lot of these roles require no experience & you’ll receive full training. The role can be repetitive in some parts, so you’ll enjoy routine within the job.


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Forklift Operative

Within this role you’ll be responsible for delivering, moving, loading & unloading a variety of goods. You’ll be moving the shipments to various locations within the warehouse. Some forklift operatives also help with inspecting machinery, reporting shortages and maintaining a record of inventory.

This role is great if you’re comfortable handling machinery and loading/unloading heavy items.

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Reach Truck Driver

A Reach Truck Driver role involves loading & unloading wagons and placing stock within the warehouse. For this role, you’ll need qualifications such as RTITB or ITSSAR.

You’ll be loading, moving and unloading heavy materials. Reach trucks are different to forklifts as they’re more compact, so they’re better for moving items around more narrow areas of the warehouse.

You’re the perfect candidate if you have the relevant qualifications & you’re happy with moving heavy items.

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LLOP Operative

LLOP stands for Low Level Order picking. This role involves picking units of stock that are positioned at a height that needs to be accessed by an operator on foot, or by using a self-propelled pallet truck.

This role is usually entry-level with full training available – perfect if you’re looking to test out a career in warehousing.

Shipping & Receiving

You’ll be managing the shipment and receipts of all products within the warehouse. Your main duties will be receiving, tracking and sending orders to customers and making sure the products have arrived on time as per their delivery I.E first class, second class etc.

You will also be in charge of looking after the returns that have been shipped back, ensuring they’ve arrived safety for refunds to be processed, informing the customer of the package’s arrival.

Warehouse Clerk

As a warehouse clerk, you’ll be handling a company’s incoming & outgoing products. You’ll load and unload items from delivery vans and move them to the correct location within the warehouse. This role also includes preparing outgoing shipments and checking that orders have been completed, and packages are not damaged.

This role is very hands on, with an admin element to it. So this role is perfect if you want an active role and you’re good with general administration duties.


A loader involves preparing outgoing shipments and receiving incoming goods by loading and unloading vans, trails and shipment containers. Once a vehicle arrives at the depot, the loader checks the route scheduled and orders for accuracy.

Material Handler

As a Material Handler, you’ll be ensuring a timely production and distribution of products by pulling orders from the inventory and delivering production materials and any other supplies when needed.

Like other roles within the warehouse, you’ll also be involved in identifying, labelling, and making sure supplies are always in stock, ordering them when needed.

General Warehouse Worker

This is one of the main warehouse roles you’ll find on your job search. A general warehouse worker role is for someone who wants to do a variety of different things. You’ll be receiving incoming shipments, checking and confirming everything was received with no damage. You’ll also be involved with the picking & packing of products as per customer orders and helping with the transportation of outgoing goods.

If you’re looking at supercharging your CV or trying-before-you-buy with different roles within the warehouse, this is the perfect position for you.

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Warehouse Manager

A warehouse manager is a vital part of the team, and this job will be perfect for someone who has worked within a warehouse before and is ready to take on some extra responsibilities.

You’ll be an important part of the supply chain, managing people and helping things run smoothly within the depot. This includes being responsible for workplace health & safety and dealing with any concerns warehouse workers may have.

Goods In/Out Operative

This role is exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll be in charge of the Goods in/out within the warehouse.

This involves loading and unloading delivery vans/vehicles, checking for damaged or missed items, sorting stock for storage in the warehouse and putting it in the correct location and loading and lifting gear for heavy goods.

Machine Operative

A machine operative is a role that involves heavy machinery. You’ll find this role in industries such as manufacturing, transportation and construction. This is a great role to take on if you’re interested in getting involved with any of those sectors.

The main duties include ensuring the machines are functioning well, training others on health and safety & the correct way to use the machines safely and utilising the equipment.

Usually with machine operative roles you can book them with little to no experience and full training is provided.

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We hope you’ve found this blog informative & have an idea on which warehouse role you want to apply for. At redwigwam, we’re looking for Pick Packers, General Warehouse Workers, Reach Truck Drivers, Machine Operatives, Goods In/Out Operatives and many more.

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Looking to start a warehouse career?

Whatever warehouse role has sparked your interested, we have you covered. Sign up with us today to find roles in your area.