Our fave Christmas ads in 2021

Published on: Fri, 12 Nov 2021
By: Kayleigh, redwigwam

The festive season is well and truly upon us - and the Christmas ads are out!

At redwigwam, we look forward to these adverts every year - all part of the magic of Christmas, so we thought we'd put together a list of some of our favourites so far.

So grab a mug of hot chocolate (or a mulled wine!) and enjoy..

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John Lewis

This years’ short film is called ‘Unexpected Guest’, featuring an alien called Skye who’s spaceship lands in the woods. 

The theme is experiencing the magic of Christmas for the first time, and sharing it with loved ones. 

The crashlanding is witnessed by 14-year-old Nathan, who lives nearby and sets off to investigate. Nathan’s family are celebrating Christmas, and Nathan decides to introduce Skye to Christmas traditions including Christmas trees, novelty jumpers and mince pies.

The advert ends with Skye leaving earth, having repaired her spaceship. Nathan hands her his Christmas jumper, she gives him a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye and the slogan ‘For a Christmas as magical as your first’ is shown on the screen.  

5 wigwams out of 5 on the wigwamometer

A classic John Lewis advert, heart-warming like all of the others, just what we’ve come to expect! 


Aldi have had us all entertained with the apparent take-over of their social media by new character Ebanana Scrooge. Apparently, their much-loved Christmas character, Kevin the Carrot has gone underground, unable to stand the pressures of fame. This has been communicated to us via Aldi sharing a Wikipedia page of Kevin’s story which ends with telling us about his disappearance. Kevin first appeared 5 years ago and over the last few years he’s become as much a part of Christmas as the famous Coca-Cola truck!

The ad, 'A Christmas Carol', follows the story of a Christmas hating banana named Ebanana Scrooge. Ebanana receives a visit from Kevin (the 'spirit of Christmas') who takes him on a magical journey.

Flying across the snowy town, Kevin and Ebanana visit tables filled with delicious food, see gingerbread biscuits sledging, and spot a small tomato who is struggling to build a snowman — the one Ebanana kicked down.

The ad is brilliant. We especially love the nod to Cuthbert the Caterpillar being arrested by sour lemons in a throwback to  the controversial Caterpillar cake wars earlier this year. Footballer and free school meals campaigner Marcus Rashford also appears as Marcus Radishford. 

At the end of the story, Ebanana has a change of heart and visits Kevin's family with a Christmas pudding, ending with the message: 'For you to be happy, you need to be kind'.

Aldi has announced it will be providing 1.8 million meals to families in need over the festive period. Working together with Neighbourly, they will be donating surplus food to local causes.

6 wigwams out of 5 on the wigwamometer.

Thee whole thing has had Aldi fans hooked and entertained and we can tell this is going to continue over the whole Christmas period!

Take a bow Aldi’s marketing team!


M&S’s Christmas food advert, featuring Spiderman actor Tom Holland voicing Percy Pig, and household name Dawn French as the fairy.

The story for the ad is the fairy inadvertently bringing Percy Pig to life as she drops her wand from the top of the Christmas tree. The wand lands on one of the presents under the tree wrapped in Percy paper, next minute the present bursts open and Percy emerges from the box! He then proceeds to run excitedly around the store, shouting “I’ve never had a Christmas before! Woohoo,” and marvelling at all of the gorgeous Christmas food pointed out to him by the fairy.

The golden blonde Christmas pudding, smoked salmon, and the triple chocolate panettone which we can assume are M&S food stars of the show for this Christmas!

4 wigwams out of 5 on the wigwamometer.

We love M&S for bringing the much-loved character Percy Pig a voice for the first time. The ad is nothing short of sweet!


Argos have gone for the theme of people making this Christmas bigger and better than ever after 2020!

According to the news it seems that many of us are determined to make up for it this year and Argos have embodied that perfectly in their ad - Baubles to Last Year: Christmas is ON!

The ad starts with a closeup of a TV and the lady on the news declaring “this year it’s going to be a big one!” then proceeds to show people who have apparently gone very extra in their Christmassing!

Kids are getting serious in making their Christmas lists and circling what they want in the Argos catalogue. We see a guy in an office dressed overly Christmassy wearing a Christmas jumper, baubles in his beard and he’s decked his workspace out to the max with tinsel and a whole load of other decorations. Also featured is a woman blowtorching her Christmas pud and a whole family turning up to surprise their nan.

Everyone is blown away by their extravagant presents from cameras to perfume.

We then see a boy with a huge switch which he pulls on the instruction of a girl with a walkie talkie. The shot comes back to show a tall block of flats absolutely covered in a RIDICULOUS amount of fairy lights, which are turned on by the switch. In the middle, the lights make up a huge bauble which says on it “Baubles to last year, Christmas is on!”

4 wigwams out of 5 on the wigwamometer

Argos are clearly capitalising on the theme of going bigger and better for this years’ Christmas to make up for last year, and we’re all for it!


What do you think of the Christmas ads this year? Got a favourite? We'd love to hear about it! 

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