Make temporary jobs work for you at Christmas

Published on: Fri, 26 Nov 2021
By: Claire, redwigwam

The festive season is the perfect time to pick up a little extra cash.

With Christmas just around the corner, there are loads of different temporary jobs available.

It’s well documented that during the pandemic, lots of people come to realise the benefits of finding flexible, temporary work as they could no longer work in their usual jobs.

The benefits of this type of work include:

  • Being able to try loads of different jobs. You choose what you do, as well as when and where you do it.
  • Choosing how much time you spend at work – whether it’s a few hours a week or a full-time career out of it
  • Being able to top up your existing income as and when you need.

Looking for a more flexible way to work?

Nine to five doesn't exist in our world. Join our redwigwam community and find work that fits in around your lifestyle.

So, now you’ve seen some of the benefits of flexible, temporary work – what type of Christmas job should you look for?

Naturally, one of the most obvious places to start when you’re looking for a temporary job at Christmas is retail!

Shops are open even longer hours than usual, so there is extra demand for staff – often late at night or over weekends to support increased footfall. Retail is a great option if you are looking for more regular hours for a set number of weeks.

If you’re looking for a little more flexibility in the run-up to Christmas, don’t panic! Here at redwigwam we tailor your job matches to suit your needs and availability. So, if you’re just looking for a couple of hours work here and there, or if you would like access to one-off paid opportunities, then we can help with that too! Long term temporary contracts with set hours are not the only choices.

Think mystery shopping, product checks in your local shop – or even the opportunity to review products online. We have all sorts of temporary jobs like this available to book now – so make sure you’re registered, and your profile is complete!

If you want something with more regular hours, warehouse and distribution is an area in high demand this year. You’d be working regular shifts, picking and packing orders for customers. We have shifts all over the country, with some great hourly rates on offer.

But of course, it’s perfectly OK if you think working every single day throughout the festive period is just not your idea of a Merry Christmas!

If you’d prefer fewer, but perhaps more regular hours, how about looking for a temporary hospitality job? It’s a brilliant sector to work in during the run up to Christmas – and there are plenty of shifts available at the moment.

As you can see, temporary jobs come in all shapes and forms, and with redwigwam, are just a click or two away.

You pick and choose which jobs you’d like to book, based on when you’re available and when you want to earn some extra cash for festive drinks or buying gifts.

Of course, if you want a temporary job which is going to lead to something a little more permanent, or something which may open opportunities in the future – or even just something to add some spice to your CV, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to find a temporary job. Use the holiday season to get a foot in the door in a field you’re interested in, or to make some important contacts to expand your network.

In the world of temporary jobs, Christmas is the gift that keeps on giving!

T’is the season to be temping!


Looking for a more flexible way to work?

Nine to five doesn't exist in our world. Join our redwigwam community and find work that fits in around your lifestyle.