How award-winning, flexible staffing solutions can drive recruiting efficiency

Published on: Fri, 28 May 2021
By: Fatmir, redwigwam

Client information 

Siamo Group was founded in 1984.  They specialise in providing high-quality staffing, training, and recruitment services for a wide range of clients throughout the UK, including integrated HR, payroll, and IT services as requested.  


The challenge 

Redwigwam assessed the existing recruitment/staffing model for Siamo, and we highlighted several potential issues around pick/pack, 2nd tier inefficiencies, time management, no-show rates and customer service dissatisfaction.  

Siamo was using a traditional recruitment agency, which charged exorbitantly high (50%) admin fees, and offered slow, outdated technology. This adversely affected their clients in multiple ways. The company in-house team was working hard at correcting some of these issues, but Siamo was expanding, and they didn’t have the resources to adequately address these problems.  


The redwigwam approach  

Siamo desperately needed a flexible recruiting solution that offered alternatives to the traditional recruiting model. Our flexible approach stresses customised recruiting choices rather than high admin costs and lengthy, costly contracts.  

As 2nd tiering experts, we continually offer cost effective solutions, and Siamo trusted us for one depot in 2019, expanding up to six depots currently in 2021. 

We work closely with several customers across multiple work sites using technology and AI to ensure compliancy, delivery, and effective worker acquisition. We have also provided a dedicated account manager per depot and 24/7 secure system access.  

We understand the importance of securing employee PII (Personally Identifiable Information) with limited access, so worker details are held in a secure vault for customer audits and checks. We are proud of our staffing solution that keeps workers in work, including supportive services that covered transportation fees/fares, work attire, and more.

redwigwam is an integral part of our team. The flexible staffing solution they provide has enabled us to maintain business continuity while keeping our overheads down. ”

Finance Director, Siamo Group

The outcome

The result of the Siamo/redwigwam partnership is incredibly positive. redwigwam is now a preferred recruiting supplier for Siamo.

Our effective 2nd tiering has enabled the company to dramatically improve efficiency, time management and cost savings. They can expand staffing needs by adding staff who are fully employed by redwigwam with a much lower charge rate. Liability also sits with redwigwam. 

We have changed the company’s recruiting approach by offering flexible benefits. The company has accessed a pool of over 150,000 workers, which is a large percentage of redwigwam’s potential workforce, with the necessary demographics for retail, facilities management, and hospitality. 

We have instituted a seamless 24/7 process with a highly rated customer service experience. 

Once again, a new recruiting approach has created multiple benefits for Siamo moving forward.   


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