One year on: A reflection from one of our community

Published on: Fri, 26 Mar 2021
By: Dan, redwigwam

Simon, a wigwammer from Northampton made a video one year ago at the very start of the pandemic. He was embarking on a new career in a warehouse, as depot support having found the role through joining our flexible working platform.  

He describes the firsthalf of his shift as a ‘culture shock.’ His usual day-to-day work pre-pandemic was dealing with GPDR and auditing across the country.

To go back to manual work, I have a newfound respect for someone who's done this all their working life. ”

After only a couple of hours in his new role, his shoulders hurt, his body ached but he was feeling positive. He says, ‘it’s actually a relief to be able to switch off from all the news, social media nonsense that goes on, and as well it’s given me a purpose.’ Becoming a key worker at the very start of the pandemic was definitely a positive for Simon as he describes it as keeping him going. 

One year on, Simon is sitting in a car park having just completed a job for redwigwam, discussing the past year. He looks back and reflects on the last 12 months. 

A wigwammer reflects

Simon turned to redwigwam to find flexible work at the start of the UK lockdown in March 2020. He told us his story - and a year on, reflected on what he has learnt and the part redwigwam has paid in supporting him throughout the pandemic. 

I’m a lot more humble than I was a year ago, I never ever thought that twenty years ago when I done my last warehouse shift I’d be back doing it. ”

He goes on to say the shifts helped pay the bills and put a roof over his head.  
Over the past 12 months, redwigwam has been a safety net for those like Simon who needed work during these difficult times. He thanks redwigwam for being a constant in his life and applauds the flexibility.  

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