The pros and cons of dazzling your CV

Published on: Thu, 18 Feb 2021
By: Rachael, redwigwam

Is your resume Instagram ready?

It’s becoming almost impossible to find your dream job.

You see an ad online and get yourself all excited, to then remember there are probably hundreds of other candidates with their eyes on the same role.

So, instead of being excited to hear from the job – you wait for either the deafening silence or the dreaded rejection email.

But what if you could do more to help yourself stand out from the crowd?

Candidates are said to now have CVs that resemble Instagram profiles.

I’m going to list the Pros and Cons of making your CV look like a social media profile…


It highlights your creative side. 

CVs these days all look the same, and can be painstakingly boring to read!

People in the past have changed the font and colour of their CVs to stand out from other candidates- some even using fancy paper (back when CVs were handed out by hand.)

So why not show off your skills 21st-century style?

This generation is full of tech-savvy people – so use it to your advantage.

Also, if you have a social media page that showcases your talents – make sure to link it to your resume!

It shows that you care.

Most people have bland CVs that look like they were typed out in half an hour.

If you have a creative CV, with images and colour coordinated sections – it shows employers you have taken the time and effort to make the CV.

Suggesting you’re serious about finding a job/career.

It’s potentially the future.

Although many people may hate the idea of it now – apps like LinkedIn are changing the way employers hire people.

Not to mention Skype calls and other video conferences some businesses use during the first few interview stages.

Not only does it show off your personality – but it could also stop you from wasting your time going through an interview stage to then get rejected.

Employers will see more of who you are, and if they don’t like it – they won’t ask you for an interview.

Harsh, but it means you can focus on employers and companies that do want you.


It's not a dating profile.

Many employers have suggested uploading your hobbies, hopes and dreams can be a bit more ‘tinder-like.’

Employers want to find the right person for the job – they don’t really care if you like long walks on the beach with your dog Benji.

Sometimes, it’s best not to over-share with your potential employer!

Some things need to stay on social media – and social media only.

I think its great people are making their profiles more creative, but I kind of get what employers mean.

Various photos of yourself aren’t needed.

Don’t even get me started about using bitmoji’s in your profile!

Although you’re trying to stand out, you still have to look professional – so stuff like that is a complete no-go!

In some cases – it just isn’t needed.

I understand showcasing your skills for a creative-based job.

But for things such as admin administrator or accountant – it isn’t necessary.

For jobs like this, employers don’t need to see your face or hobbies.

The best advice I’d give – is to highlight your experience and skills relating to the role your applying for.

That’s what's important.

Shall we dazzle our Cvs or shall we not?

To be or not to be…

I’m undecided, what are your thoughts?

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