A more grounded Christmas

Published on: Tue, 07 Dec 2021
By: Rachael, redwigwam

This time of year is always hectic. Particularly after the year we've had. 

People rushing around, heads filled with unwanted and unneeded pressure.

We are all so busy, we forget about the little things in life.

Like wrapping yourself warm in the heap of it all, admiring the Christmas lights and taking part in the festivities.

This caused us to think about that period beyond December, when the calm of January sweeps in.

Where we trudge through what feels like four months rolled into 31 days, the full thick of winter.

And it made us realise that all this time we’ve been adoring Christmas and much of the other Autumnal and Wintery Holidays, as a sedative to the effects of winter.

We thought it mightn’t hurt to devise a little plan to help us all show a little gratitude for the ignored months that we wish away before and after Christmas.

So as not to get too far swept up in Christmas and all its grandeur and then at least maybe January won’t seem like such a gruelling hangover.

So here it is, new rituals for you to go by this Christmas and the rest of Winter…


Because it’s cold out there, freezing most days.

Afterall, remember, tea is the backbone of society, it can get us through anything.

One of the simplest, smallest, and kindest things you could do for somebody else and/or yourself, especially at this time of year would be to make a cup of tea to savour.

It’s certainly the little things in life.

Get out the house for a bit.

As the days are shortening, it’s all too easy, on those days you don’t have to leave the house to not leave the house.

Especially now a lot of us are working remotely!

The air is biting and that’s just the draft by the window, however, you must get out for a walk, it does the world of good!

We’d recommend taking a nice walk on your lunch break, so you get a least a little bit of daylight!

Clean up.

We know this might sound a bit strange, autumn and winter isn’t always such a clean time of year…

We’re all busy with work commitments, stacking Christmas presents and laying half empty advent calendars around the place.

A cleaner environment gives you a clearer mind.

Even if you choose just 15 minutes a day to clean one area of your house, it’s something.

Whatever it is, choose it and conquer it!


Everyone says it, you need a routine.

And it’s true. Keep yourself on track each day. Get up at the same time, organise your family plans, make some time for any extra projects you want to take on.

Plan out a routine & enjoy it.

Remember not to punish yourself if you don’t always stick to it though, that’s how you end up ditching the routine all together!

Cook. Seasonally.

With music in the background, preferably.

Cooking simply and seasonally is a great way to savour this time of year and to show gratitude for the abundance that IS available.

This time of year is tough on the old purse strings, so make the most of the gorgeous seasonal veg on offer, this is the best time of year for it!

Creamy winter cabbage and bacon, or autumnal squash pulp kneaded into bread flour to make the sweetest golden flatbread, spaghetti and red sauce!

If you’re stuck for some inspiration check out the link here, for more winter recipes!

So, there are the rules for a more grounded Christmas and winter season in general, we know they might be simple in design, however, we’d be interested to hear if anybody else has any similar rituals, do you see the need for such?

Do you formally cruise on the high of Christmas from September forward?

We’d love you to share your thoughts!

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