The best ways to keep your New Year’s resolution

Published on: Wed, 30 Dec 2020
By: Rachael, redwigwam

It’s the time of year everyone will ask you…

‘What’s your New Year’s Resolution?’

And further down the line…

‘Are you still sticking to that resolution you told me about?’

According to The Guardian, 66% of people from a pole admitted to breaking their resolution in a month or less.

Here at redwigwam, we would like to give you some tips on how to stick to your New Year’s Resolution – if you haven’t broken it already!

Be realistic

If you have a goal you’d like to achieve that’s big, maybe it’s best to set smaller goals, that will eventually lead to the bigger goal in the long run, whether it’s in 2021 or not!

Reward yourself

Treat yourself to little rewards when you’ve stuck to your goal!

If you’re eating better, maybe treat yourself to one of your favourite desserts. This can apply to any goal and you can reward yourself with anything that makes you happy.

Don’t give up if you slip up

Slipping up on New Year’s Resolutions happen – we’re all human.

If you have a slight slip up, keep going!

The worst thing you can do is punish yourself by giving up on your goals.

For example, if one of your goals is to keep a daily journal, skipping a few days won’t be significant when it comes to the end of the year and you have 300+ days to look back on!

Ask for support

What are friends and family for, eh?

Ask them to remind and encourage you to follow through with your goals.

Sometimes you just need some words of encouragement to keep going.

If you have a popular goal, it may be worth going online to see how other people achieved something similar!

Make better financial decisions

Saving money is a big one! It can be hard, but if you need any help, you can work flexibly with redwigwam to top up your savings!

Try something new

Most of us stick to the same routine – it makes us feel comfortable and safe. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

We have a range of different jobs at redwigwam, and the best thing about it is, you find out what you like, and what you don’t.

Take time to enjoy yourself

Sometimes, we are so busy we forget to have fun!

Make plans throughout the year, whether it be going to a music event, a play or an open mic night, make sure you do things you love!

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions you’d like to share with us?

Let us know!

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