My part-time job: Pizza delivery driver for Papa Johns

Published on: Mon, 16 Sep 2019
By: Ryan, redwigwam

We have a huge range of different jobs for our workers to book. So we thought we’d ask some of our workers to tell you more about them. We recently spoke to Ryan, who works as a pizza delivery driver for Papa John’s.

"I am really lucky. I have a part-time job I love. I’m a delivery driver for Papa Johns. I started working for them earlier this year to earn some extra cash in the evenings. The team there are great – really helpful and welcoming.

It wasn’t something I’d really considered before, but I registered with redwigwam at the start of the year, and when the delivery driver job popped into my inbox, it sounded like something I could easily fit in, so I booked it!

The first time I went in, they asked me to take my driving licence to so I could be added onto  Papa Johns insurance.  I am lucky because I have my own car which I use, but I know some Papa Johns shops let you drive their mopeds. The manager briefed me on what was required,  and the orders soon started coming in so I was quickly out and about, delivering them to customers.

Everyone loves pizza so the customers are always pleased to see you with their delivery.  They pay when they order, so you don’t have to worry about collecting cash – apart from the lovely customers who give you a tip of course! The more deliveries you make the more you earn, as there are bonus payments for every delivery made in the outlet I work in.

I got into the swing of it really quickly so regularly pick up work there when they need extra drivers. I usually work every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night between 5-9 pm – and there are often extra shifts on offer if I want them.

There are other Papa Johns workers from redwigwam there too – Pizza Slappers & Toppers! Not what it seems….the ‘Slappers’ are responsible for transforming the ready-made dough into pizza bases with tomato sauce on and then passing them over to the ‘Toppers’ who create the finished results ready to go in the oven to be cooked.

I make sure that I submit my timesheets quickly so that I can get paid as soon as possible. I love being a pizza delivery driver. It’s a brilliant role with shifts that really suit me – and I love working with a great team".

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