Working as a Warehouse Operative in Cirencester

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Many professional warehouse operatives in Cirencester have benefitted by joining the redwigwam community – an AI-powered platform which helps you not just find warehouse jobs but also ensure that you’re matched up with the best companies offering warehouse jobs in Cirencester, UK. You’ll play an active role in the region’s supply chain, ensuring that orders are delivered across the region, reaching shops, businesses and homes on time to keep the economy moving along smoothly. Your hard work and dedication makes it all possible!

redwigwam is always seeking dedicated warehouse operatives, offering them part-time, full-time or temp working opportunities. Why spend hours on end looking for “warehouse jobs near me” when you can join a thriving community to open the doors to the best warehouse jobs in Cirencester?

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What is a warehouse operative in Cirencester required to do?

The daily tasks of warehouse operatives in Cirencester will include:

  • Rotating stock within the warehouse
  • Taking delivery of goods and storing them, quality checking for damaged or missing items
  • Packing stock ready for delivery ensuring a timely delivery and contributing to a smooth supply chain
  • Operating scanners to locate items
  • Working to deadlines in a timely fashion to ensure all orders are prepared
  • Working in a team to ensure all tasks are complete
  • Preparing, loading and unloading vehicles
  • Labelling stock and putting away accurately
  • General tidying and ensuring work areas are kept safe

You’ll be working for a clothing brand – no heavy lifting required.


What are the general requirements for warehouse jobs in Cirencester?

Sign up at redwigwam today and start receiving warehouse operative training at no extra cost. If you have no experience at all, don’t worry, you can still apply for warehouse jobs in Cirencester. All you need to do is complete the online training ahead of your first shift, grab your rota, and you’re done! Various shift patterns (38.5hours a week) are available to fit around your lifestyle.

In addition, please take these requirements into account:

  • Warehouse operatives must be 18 years or older.
  • Choose between full-time, part-time or temp warehouse jobs.
  • The ideal candidate must demonstrate good attention to detail, be flexible and have a friendly attitude.
  • Past warehouse operative experience not required but considered a ‘plus’. Weekend hours may be required, which will be discussed with you prior to starting work.
  • Safety boots are essential - we can help with purchasing these if needed.


Be a part of the redwigwam community for warehouse jobs in Cirencester, UK

  • Collect your pay within 24 hours!
  • Keep your car/bike safe in the dedicated parking lot
  • Receive holiday pay each year
  • Get the required PPE (personal protective equipment) onsite
  • Onsite canteen open 24 hours
  • Receive flexible shift timings on any 2+ days each week


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