A platform for finding flexible, temporary work.

redwigwam is the UK’s largest platform for finding temporary and flexible work.

If you've arrived at this page, it's because you're part of the EY Foundation, and we'd love to tell you a little more about us and how we can help you in your journey into work.


What is redwigwam?

redwigwam is a platform for booking flexible and temporary jobs in your local area.

We work with businesses of all sizes and across a whole variety of sectors all over the UK. They tell us who they need and we match their roles to our database of workers, who book the jobs they want to do.


Gain work experience and boost your CV

We understand how hard getting work experience can be – and redwigwam is the perfect place to try out work across different sectors. 

Experience isn't always needed and temporary work with redwigwam is a brilliant way to add new skills and experiences to your CV

How it works

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Working with redwigwam

What do our community of workers say about working with redwigwam?

Watch this short video and find out what the redwigwam community thinks about working with the UK's #1 platform for finding temporary and flexible work.

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FAQ’s about finding work with redwigwam

Who can work with redwigwam?

Anyone over the age of 16 who has the right to work in the UK can create a redwigwam account and book jobs.


Do I need any experience?

While some roles require specific experience (this is always listed on the job description where relevant), many of our roles do not. You can book any role – most of the time you’ll then be given instructions (we call it a brief) on where do go and what to wear. You then simply turn up at the specified start time.

For some roles, we’ll invite you to a quick telephone interview to explain a little more about the role and explain any details around shifts or induction periods.

See all our latest jobs here. 


Can I work even if I already have a job?

You can use redwigwam around your other commitments and other work. You book onto any jobs you have the available time to do. So, if you are in another work placement, or education, you can book roles to fit around this.


How much do I get paid?

All our roles are paid (usually by the hour) and you will always earn at least National Minimum Wage, and often more. Rates are set by the hirer.


How do I get paid?

Redwigwam is your employer, and we pay you on behalf of the hirer (the person you do work for). You’ll fill in an online timesheet after you have completed a role. You chose your preferred pay pattern (daily, weekly, or monthly) and we pay you in this timescale after your timesheet has been approved by the hirer.

Money is paid directly into your bank account, and we’ll send you a payslip when this happens.


Ready to find work?

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