The power of technology in recruiting today

Published on: Fri, 31 Mar 2023
By: Claire, redwigwam

Technology has revolutionised the way businesses recruit employees.

By streamlining the recruitment process, technology has made it easier and faster than ever to identify qualified candidates and bring them on board.

In this blog post, we'll explore the power of technology in recruiting and how it can help your organisation find the perfect fit for every open position.

From using sophisticated applicant tracking systems to leveraging social media, the power of technology in recruiting is undeniable.

Read on to learn more about the role of technology in modern recruitment.

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The Applicant Tracking System

Recruitment can be a time-consuming and expensive process, especially if you’re dealing with a large volume of applicants.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is designed to streamline the recruitment process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

An ATS allows employers to store and manage applicant information, making it easier to track applications from submission to hire. It also helps employers quickly narrow down the pool of applicants by searching for keywords and/or sorting by qualifications.

This saves time in the initial review stage, allowing employers to focus their energy on the candidates who best fit the position.

An ATS also makes communication easier and more organised.

Employers can send automated emails to applicants, schedule interviews and follow up with emails afterwards.

This ensures no applicant falls through the cracks and communication stays consistent throughout the recruitment process.

Applicant tracking systems also make it easy for employers to keep track of applicant progress.

Through dashboards, employers can easily review applications and track hires, rejections and other outcomes. This allows them to assess their recruitment performance and optimise their hiring strategy as needed.

Overall, an Applicant Tracking System can significantly improve the recruitment process. By providing a streamlined, organised system, an ATS simplifies the recruitment process, saving time and money while helping employers find the best possible candidates.

Job Boards and Job Postings

With the increasing use of technology in recruitment, job boards and job postings are more popular than ever.

Job boards are websites which act as a platform for companies to post job openings and search for qualified candidates. They often contain detailed information about job requirements, salary, benefits, and contact information.

Job postings are essentially ads which employers post on job boards, social media sites, and other online sources.

They’re often formatted with text, images, and videos to provide an overview of the job and the company.

Job postings can be targeted towards a specific group or set of skills, allowing employers to quickly identify qualified candidates.

Job boards and job postings are an efficient way to target qualified candidates and allow employers to get their job openings in front of a larger audience.

Additionally, they offer employers the ability to customise postings according to their needs and preferences. This allows them to attract more qualified applicants and make better decisions when making hiring decisions.

Employers can take advantage of job posting boards like redwigwam, a platform allowing employers to post their job opening for free, directly to qualified candidates.

redwigwam specialises in connecting employers with local job seekers and provides a suite of tools to make recruitment more efficient and effective.

Employers can use the platform to create a comprehensive profile, search for qualified job seekers, and post job openings with just a few clicks. Use our AI-powered software to easily reach a wider audience, maximise efficiency, and find the best candidate for your jobs.


Looking for a simple way to find and manage temporary staff?

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Video Interviewing

Video interviewing has become increasingly popular as part of the recruitment process. It allows employers to access a larger pool of candidates without the need for physical face-to-face interviews.

Video interviewing enables recruiters to reach out to remote job seekers and quickly pre-screen candidates with minimal effort. It also eliminates geographical boundaries and provides a more efficient way to review candidates from around the world.

In a typical video interview, a candidate is presented with a series of questions and given a set amount of time to record their response. The recording is then reviewed by the hiring team and evaluated for a potential match. Video interviews help recruiters quickly assess a candidate’s communication skills, knowledge, attitude, and professionalism.

Video interviews save time and money since they don’t require the recruiter to travel or arrange for an onsite interview. They also give both sides the opportunity to get a better understanding of each other prior to making an offer or scheduling an in-person meeting.  With the right resources and preparation, it can be a great way to find the perfect candidate for any job position.

Mobile Recruiting

The use of mobile technology in recruiting has become increasingly popular in the last few years as it offers employers the ability to engage with job seekers in a much more efficient and effective way.

Mobile recruiting allows recruiters to reach out to potential candidates instantly. Through text messages, mobile apps, and even virtual interviews, recruiters can quickly connect with qualified candidates.

Recruiters can also use mobile recruitment tools to post job openings on social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. By doing this, employers can reach a wider audience of potential job seekers and increase their chances of finding the right person for the position.

The use of mobile technology in recruitment also makes job seeking easier. Most job seekers have access to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, meaning they can easily browse through jobs and apply directly from their device.

This saves everyone time and makes the job search process easier.

Mobile recruiting is an effective tool for both employers and job seekers. It allows recruiters to quickly connect with qualified candidates and helps job seekers find opportunities conveniently. As technology continues to advance, mobile recruiting will only become more important in the world of recruitment.

Online Assessments

Online assessments are becoming increasingly important in modern recruitment processes.

They can provide an employer with an accurate, objective view of an applicant’s skills, abilities, and aptitude. Employers use online assessments to get an unbiased and accurate assessment of a job candidate’s qualifications, which allows them to make an informed decision when it comes to hiring.

Online assessments can include both cognitive and behavioural testing. For example, employers can use online assessments to assess problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, communication proficiency, creativity, and many other skills which may be required for the job in question.

There are lots of benefits in using online assessments.

  • Employers can save time and money by quickly and accurately assessing applicants’ suitability for the role.
  • They offer the opportunity for candidates to showcase their skills in a measurable way, helping employers to make more informed decisions about who to hire.
  • They also help employers to identify potential areas for further development or training in potential employees.

Online assessments are a powerful tool for modern recruitment processes. By making use of them, employers can save time and money while providing job candidates with the opportunity to show their qualifications in a measurable way.

Online assessments can also help employers to identify areas for further development or training in potential employees.

In conclusion…

The use of technology in recruitment has become increasingly prevalent and can greatly benefit the recruitment process for both employers and applicants.

By leveraging Applicant Tracking Systems, job boards, video interviewing, mobile recruiting and online assessments, companies are better equipped to manage their recruiting needs with greater efficiency and accuracy.

By understanding how technology can be used in the recruitment process, businesses can ensure that they find the right people for the job while also staying competitive in a highly competitive landscape.

Technology is making recruiting faster, smarter and easier than ever before.

Looking for a simple way to find and manage temporary staff?

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