30 jobs to try before you turn 30!

Published on: Wed, 02 Nov 2022
By: Claire, redwigwam

Looking for a new job? Or a change of direction maybe? Perhaps your CV is looking a little empty, in need of new skills to boost your chances of securing your dream role.

Never fear!

There are loads of jobs you can try to add valuable skills to your CV – and while these may not be your forever job, they are certainly a great way to earn some extra money and gain experience.

Here’s a list of 30 jobs to try before you turn 30. How many can you tick off?

  1. Paper round
  2. Bartender
  3. Waitressing
  4. Retail assistant (shop work)
  5. Mystery shopping
  6. Warehouse worker
  7. Online shopping assistant/Order picker
  8. Hotel cleaner
  9. House/domestic cleaner
  10. Litter picker
  11. Event staff
  12. Merchandiser
  13. Brand ambassador
  14. Car valeter
  15. Kitchen porter
  16. Food prep assistant
  17. Care assistant
  18. Dog walker
  19. Tutoring
  20. Delivery driver
  21. Babysitting
  22. Ironing
  23. Food delivery
  24. Data entry assistant
  25. Gardener
  26. Barista
  27. Receptionist
  28. Call centre advisor
  29. Usher
  30. Lifeguard

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Ideal first jobs

Paper round

A classic first job! And while not as readily available as in years gone by, there is still a requirement from many local newsagents (you’ll also find opportunities to deliver other items too). You’ll earn minimum wage, but a paper round is a great way to enter the world of work and gain valuable experience.

3 skills you’ll learn: Timekeeping, responsibility, resilience


Working behind a bar is a very popular job – many people pick up a part time bar role to fit around their studies once they hit 18! It’s great if you want a sociable job – although the downside is you’ll be working while your friends go out. It’s possible to turn being a bartender a career, with opportunities to run or manage your own pub and all the challenges that come along with that.

3 skills you’ll learn: Customer service, making & serving drinks, working under pressure


The perfect first job in the hospitality industry! You’ll be responsible for welcoming and seating guests, taking orders and delivering food and drink to tables. You’ll be on your feet for long periods and will need to deliver excellent customer service skills.

3 skills you’ll learn: Customer service, attention to detail, teamwork

Retail assistant

Another great entry level job, this time into the world of retail. Expect to work a variety of shifts – but the good news is you’ll usually be able to fit the work around your lifestyle. You’ll need to offer a great level of customer service and show that you are able to remain calm under stress.

3 skills you’ll learn: Customer service, remaining calm under stress, sales

Mystery shopping

Many redwigwam workers pick up mystery shopping jobs around their other work. The great thing is that anyone can do it and you get to try a whole range of products and places – and get paid for doing so. You’ll need good communication skills and an eye for detail – you’re being paid to report back on exactly what you see.

Have a look at our latest jobs for any mystery shopping roles nearby!

3 skills you’ll learn: Communication, eye for detail, reliability

Warehouse worker

Working in a warehouse is a brilliant way to earn regular money. There are loads of opportunities for warehouse work with redwigwam, all over the UK. You’ll usually be employed as a picker-packer, picking and preparing orders ready for dispatch, but there are lots of other job roles available as you progress, so it can be a great stepping stone to a career in the industry.

Roles are often full-time (although many depots do also offer more flexible options, including weekend only work) and are temp-to-perm (meaning if you work successfully for 12 weeks, you’ll be offered a permanent job).

3 skills you’ll learn: Teamwork, organisation, speed & accuracy

Online shopping assistant/Order picker

Working in a supermarket, you’ll be responsible for picking orders customers have made online, ready for collection or delivery. You’ll be on your feet and will need a level of organisation skills to pick each order as quickly and accurately as possible.

3 skills you’ll learn: Speed & accuracy, timekeeping, organisation

Hotel cleaner

Working as part of a housekeeping team in a hotel, you’ll be undertaking the daily clean/tidy up of guest rooms and preparing rooms ready for new arrivals. Experience isn’t always needed. You’ll need to have high standards and a great eye for detail.

3 skills you’ll learn: Attention to detail, teamwork, speed

House/domestic cleaner

This cleaning role is in private houses, where you’ll be employed to carry out a range of tasks including dusting, hoovering, and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. You’ll usually be working for a cleaning agency who will provide a checklist of jobs for each client.

3 skills you’ll learn: Time management, attention to detail, reliability

Litter picker

This may not seem the most glamorous role, but it’s a great option if you love being outdoors and is often a role you can carry out at festivals or other events. You’ll be working as part of a team, picking up litter and making sure bins are emptied.

3 skills you’ll learn: Teamwork, resilience, attention to detail

Event staff

The job title encompasses several different roles to ensure an event runs smoothly. You could be checking entry tickets, working on a bar, working on a kiosk or a mix of all of these!  

3 skills you’ll learn: Multi-tasking, time-keeping, customer service


As a merchandiser, you’ll be visiting a store on behalf of a brand to ensure products and/or displays are set up correctly and fully stocked with the appropriate stock. Calls can take anything between 30minutes and a full day – and you can often pick up several calls in different shops in your local area.

3 skills you’ll learn: Confidence, working under pressure, communication

Brand ambassador

Brand ambassadors are employed by a company to help raise brand awareness and increase sales. This could involve working in a supermarket or shopping centre to hand out promotional leaflets or promote a new product. If you love chatting with customers and have bags of enthusiasm, this is a perfect role for you.

3 skills you’ll learn: Communication, time management, responsibility

Car valet

You’ll be responsible for cleaning and polishing customer vehicles – both inside and out. This is a very active job, so you’ll need a decent level of stamina and fitness. And you’ll also need to be comfortable working outdoors, whatever the weather!

3 skills you’ll learn: Attention to detail, teamwork, communication

Kitchen porter

If you think you’d enjoy the buzz of working in a busy kitchen, this is the role to start with! As a kitchen porter, you’ll be washing pots, keeping floors and work surfaces clean and jumping in to help as needed. It’s a busy, fast-paced role, where you’ll be on your feet for most of the shift.

3 skills you’ll learn: Communication, attention to detail, time management

Food prep assistant

Also working in a commercial kitchen, you’ll be making sure food preparation areas are clean, as well as washing utensils and dishes and then putting them away. You’ll also be expected to wash, peel and chop ingredients as needed.

3 skills you’ll learn: Food prep & hygiene, communication, teamwork

Care assistant

As a care assistant, you’ll be on hand to provide physical and emotional support for clients. This may be visiting them in their own homes or working in a residential care home. Care is an extremely rewarding field to work in – and the roles are varied, with no two days the same!

3 skills you’ll learn: Communication, reliability, empathy

Dog walker

As a dog walker, you are offering your services to help owners exercise their pets. If you love animals, and want an active and physically demanding job, this could be the perfect role for you!

3 skills you’ll learn: Communication, organisation, accountability


A tutor helps students outside of regular school, often in areas where they need some extra support. You’ll usually be working 1-2-1, or in small groups. You’ll need excellent, up-to-date knowledge in the subject you’re tutoring, along with teaching and communication skills.

3 skills you’ll learn: Communication, patience, leadership

Delivery driver

As a delivery drive, you’ll be responsible for collecting goods and transporting them to clients or customers. You’ll be responsible for all the packages on your set route – and you’ll need a driving license!

3 skills you’ll learn: Timekeeping, accountability, customer service


You’ll be responsible for children in their own home while the parents are away. This is typically over an evening but is occasionally after school too. You need to ensure the children are safe and stick to any routines laid out by the parents.

3 skills you’ll learn: Responsibility, patience, multi-tasking


If you LOVE ironing, why not get paid to do other peoples? To make money, you’ll need the essentials – a decent iron and ironing board, and some ironing experience (even if it’s just on your own clothes). You can book ironing work via an agency, or you may decide to set up your own business.

3 skills you’ll learn: Customer service, attention to detail, time management

Food delivery driver

Often required over evenings and weekends, a food delivery driver delivers customers food orders. You’ll either work for a restaurant/takeaway directly, or for a company who takes orders from several businesses. You’ll need some form of transport (car or bike), but this can be a flexible way to earn some extra money.

3 skills you’ll learn: Time keeping, accountability, customer service

Data entry assistant

As a data entry assistant, you’ll need to be confident using a PC/laptop and usually a programme line Microsoft Excel or Word. Your role will be working for a business, updating databases with new information. You’ll often be office based, but you can also find data entry jobs where you’ll work from home.

3 skills you’ll learn: Typing/transcription, organisation, time management


If you love working outdoors in all types of weather and enjoy physical work – and have knowledge about different plants, this could be a perfect role for you! You’ll be caring for plants, shrubs, vegetables, trees, and lawns – and could work for private households or as part of a commercial business.

3 skills you’ll learn: Adaptability, teamwork, responsibility


If you enjoy dealing with members of the public and providing an excellent level of customer service, this is the job for you. A love of coffee (and other refreshments) will also help! You’ll find work in coffee shops and cafes all over the country – and the role can often work around your other commitments – although you should expect to be working weekends.

3 skills you’ll learn: Communication, teamwork, multi-tasking


The duties of a receptionist include welcoming visitors, answering the phone, managing diaries and calendars plus office admin, like photocopying and sorting the mail. It can be a varied role, with no two days the same! You’ll need to be super-organised and proficient with a range of office tech, and it’s a great role for developing these skills further.

3 skills you’ll learn: Technology skills, time management, organisation

Call centre advisor

You’ll be answering the phone and speaking to customers who need help and advice. It can require patience and persistence as you try and deal with each customer appropriately. You’ll need an excellent telephone manner and communication skills – plus the ability not to take negative feedback too personally if you’re not immediately able to resolve the issue. It can be a rewarding role, with lots of opportunities to advance.

3 skills you’ll learn: Multi-tasking, communication, being receptive to feedback


Working in a cinema or theatre, ensuring customers can find their seats and have a safe and orderly experience while they are in the venue. This is not a 9-5 role – you should expect to be working evenings and weekends.

3 skills you’ll learn: Communication, customer service, teamwork

Pool Lifeguard

You will need a recognised qualification before you can work as a lifeguard, but it’s a very rewarding role and essential member of swimming pool staff. Roles are very often part-time, so suit students and young people who want to fit work around their studies. It can be a great stepping stone into a career in the leisure industry.

3 skills you’ll learn: Teamwork, physical fitness & stamina, alertness & responsibility


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Nine to five doesn't exist in our world. Join redwigwam and find work that fits in around your lifestyle.