Why hire cleaners through an online solution?

Published on: Thu, 26 Nov 2020
By: Rachael, redwigwam

For many cleaning businesses there often comes a time to make a tough choice when they get a new opportunity – do I find new staff or can I manage with the people I already have on my books?

It's tempting to take the second option - but this can backfire with extra work coming in, the remaining staff not being able to cover, or just under-estimating how much new work has come in.

But there is another way. 

Here at redwigwam, we help people get into employment through temporary work and, at the same time, help them make extra cash from their spare time. We do this by finding temporary or part-time jobs for them, often at short notice, providing them with the experience needed to move into full-time work. The type of people we do this for can vary enormously, from students who are looking for term-time or summer work, parents coming back to work but not on a full-time basis, people who want to supplement their benefits with a few extra hours a week, and recently retired people who want to keep working for a few hours each week.

We ask them to register and to let us what time they have available and what type of job they have done in the past or are looking for now. Based on this information, they are matched to suitable roles nearby. We have access to a pool of thousands of people, all over the UK, many of whom have experience in, or expressed an interest in, temporary cleaning jobs.

This pool of people, and the time they have available, helps employers find individuals to fill the gaps that come up - even when they need jobs filling at very short notice. 

As an example, we recently had to find 8 cleaners in less than an hour for a business in Liverpool. These were extra staff needed to supplement the existing staff for a specific project. By simply offering the job out to the people registered on the redwigwam database, we were able to get the right number of people, with the right skills, to fill the roles.

Could instant access to a large pool of skilled, vetted staff be of benefit to your business? Get in touch and we can chat about your requirements. 

As with any employer, we check all our workers have the right to work in the UK, and we also deal with all payroll including PAYE and holiday pay.

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