Enabling business continuity: easyStorage, Manchester

Published on: Wed, 18 Nov 2020
By: Claire, redwigwam

easyStorage, part of the easyJet group, are an emerging storage company in the UK.

Unlike the majority of storage companies, easyStorage will come to your home or business to collect your items - effectively bringing the storage room to you.

Case study: easyStorage Manchester

We recently spoke to Graham Howard, Franchisee and Director for easyStorage, Manchester.

We've been working with Graham and his team throughout the Covid-19 lockdown to supply them with reliable, flexible workers when they needed them. Ensuring their business could operate as usual. 

He discussed the impact of Covid-19, the benefits of using redwigwam as a new start-up, and why moving toward a flexible workforce can ensure they have an additional layer of safety in extremely uncertain times.

redwigwam filled roles in store as pizza makers and as delivery drivers - it’s so easy to tap into their resource of skilled workers. ”

Papa John's store owner

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