Why source logistics and warehousing roles through an online solution?

Published on: Mon, 17 Aug 2020
By: Dan, redwigwam

With the ever-rising demand for products and services in the UK, there comes an increased need for delivery of products from the on-line basket to the business or consumer. More places to store them, pick, pack & sort, and then distribute them, thus creating more roles in the logistics, distribution & warehousing industry.

But what to do when a new opportunity is presented via increased demand? Do you try to stretch the workload of your current to cover the extra work and risk missing deadlines and damaging new contracts? Or do you employ more staff?

If you don’t want to jeopardise new relationships with suppliers then a temporary staffing solution like rediwgwam may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

We offer flexible staff, often at short-term notice, for companies who need warehouse operatives, even if it’s just for one hour.

At redwigwam, we see our role as helping people get into employment through temporary work and at the same time, help them earn extra money from their spare time. We do this by finding temporary or part-time jobs for them that can bring the experience that’s often needed to move into full-time work.

We have a wide variety of people registered to work - including students who are looking for term-time or summer work, to return-to-work parents. Then there are those who want to supplement their benefits with a few extra hours a week, as well as recently retired people who want to keep working. Importantly these people are in the temp market through choice - they are actively looking for a more flexible way to work.

We ask those looking for work to register and tell us what time they have available, what their skills and experience are, and what type of job they are looking for now. Roles can be as short as an hour and as long as a few weeks.

This pool of people and the time they have available then enables employers to find individuals to cover the time needed, including hiring staff at very short notice. We’re a 24/7 on-line solution so this makes filling night & twilight shifts possible, even at very late notice.

As with any employer, we carry out vetting and validation including that each person has the right to work in the UK and we also deal with all payroll including PAYE and holiday pay.

Looking for a flexible workforce?

Get in touch to find out more. We’ll match your job to a person based on the skills and expertise required along with geography, experience, and availability.