5 qualities of a good manager

Published on: Thu, 30 Jan 2020
By: Dan, redwigwam

A good manager makes a huge difference in any workplace.

But being a good manager is about more than hitting targets and keeping the ‘suits’ happy. And it’s about more than a salary increase and bonus!

A good manager possesses a mix of qualities which make them good at what they do.

Here are 5 examples…

Building good relationships with employees

A good manager doesn’t have to be everybody’s best friend. But maintaining a civil, honest relationship with colleagues is important.

They will know the important things going on with their employees. Their employees will be able to turn to them with a problem – and look to them for advice on how to solve it.

They will also maintain an equal relationship with everyone in their team – and definitely not have favourites.

Being firm but fair

A good manager does not criticise their team when things don’t go as planned.

And they are also not someone who lets things slide without addressing it.

No. A good manager will be constructive when criticism is needed but will be able to deal with tricky situations in a professional, calm manner.

They should also be willing to praise any member of their team when they deserve it and make sure their achievement is recognised.

Be open to change

Being open to change, as well as flexible and adaptable are key qualities in being a good manager.

It’s essential to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things – especially if something isn’t working.

The best new ideas often come from employees who experience these things first hand on a daily basis. A good manager is flexible in their approach and open to listening to ideas put forward by others.

Be clear and be heard

Everyone has ways in which they like to work. So, if a manager expects a task to be carried out in a specific way, they need to make sure the team understands their expectations.

Meaning they need to be able to communicate in a clear and concise manner.

It’s not just about giving out a lecture or speech.

A manager needs to make sure the team fully understand what you want them to do, and how you expect them to do it. And really importantly, what the expected outcomes are.

They should be able to speak out if anything isn’t 100% clear.

And a good manager won’t just walk away and leave them to it.

A good manager doesn’t pass the buck

A good manager faces up to their responsibilities.

So don’t leave it to assistant managers or supervisors to be the bearer of bad news!

Of course, it’s fine for minor problems – this is what they are there for. But when something serious needs addressing, a good manager will step up and not duck away from uncomfortable conversations or conflict.

Managers who are not afraid to face challenging situations will be much more respected by their employees than managers who shy away from anything confrontational or negative.

Of course, there are so many more characteristics key to being a good manager, but these 5  are some of the most important.

Take a genuine interest in your job and in the people that work for you, and you will go a long way!

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