New year, new business relationships

Published on: Tue, 01 Dec 2020
By: Rachael, redwigwam

Many people will attempt to bring about change in their lives with the coming of the New Year.

What's on your list? Abstaining from eating chocolate? Dry January? Joining a gym?

What about trying new things in business?

redwigwam is not your traditional recruitment agency and we’re revolutionising the way in which companies can recruit temporary staff.

Instead of making time-consuming phone calls or placing costly classified adverts, we find workers via a 24/7 online-only staffing solution. This means if you require someone at very short notice due to sickness or unexpected increases in workload, you can simply upload the job to our website along with the skills the person you’re looking for needs, and we’ll match the right people with the required skills straight away.

We currently have over 130,000 people registered with redwigwam, all seeking temporary or part-time employment and this number is only increasing (over four and a half million people in the UK work in temporary or part-time jobs by choice).

All of our candidates are fully vetted and validated, including checking that they have the right to work in the UK, and we sort out all the payroll stuff at our end too.

We believe this to be the future of temporary recruitment because not only is it extremely cost-effective (we don’t charge a fee if no match is found for your job), but it also allows hirers to request and find staff easily outside of working hours.

Why don’t you make this year about forming new relationships and change the way you find staff? It might just save you both time and money and who wouldn’t like more of both?

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