How can flexible working benefit employers?

Published on: Wed, 04 Sep 2019
By: Elliott, redwigwam

Flexibility is vital in the world of modern employment. Demand shifts, workloads are ever-changing – as are the types of jobs and where we do them. But a lack of flexible roles is making it difficult for many people to progress in their chosen career fields, or to keep a healthy work-life balance. 

In 2014, every UK worker was given the right to put in a flexible working request every 12 months. Employers must look at each of these on an individual basis and decide to accept or reject based on the current needs of the business. 

But how can flexible working benefit employers?

Whilst employers may think that offering flexible roles could be detrimental to productivity or perhaps more expensive than the normal 9-5, sharing a job role between two people could be a better option.

Lots of people may be willing to downgrade their careers for a flexible role, and this may not be through lack of ambition, but more for family requirements or pursuing other qualifications. A lot of the people who require more flexible roles may be the answer to your companies skills shortage or offer the expertise needed.

Employers need to start thinking about how a flexible workforce can benefit them.

By offering flexible roles you will be able to attract students who want to learn around their studies, as well as driven, determined parents who want what is best for their children.

Not only this, but offering flexible roles will also help employers retain their top talent. Many employers have flourished through offering flexible roles, claiming that it’s a fundamental part of the commitment towards their employees.

This kind of commitment fosters a great work ethic and a satisfied workforce that feel valued and treated well.

Unlocking roles to be more flexible is thought to improve career progression and job mobility too.

Job flexibility has always been a vital aspect of returning to work for parents, but is becoming even more of an issue with students and other young professionals.

Many who look towards a Master’s degree or a fast track to management would like something which can offer them personal development whilst being able to receive academic recognition. Then there are those who have reached retirement age who are not ready to give up work entirely and may have grandchildren to look after thanks to the rising costs of child care.

We recognise that many workers struggle to find new roles that fit around modern life, but our online booking platform helps workers and hirers find each other based on location, time and skills.

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