Why hiring temp staff can bring talent into a business

Published on: Wed, 05 Jun 2019
By: Claire, redwigwam

The ‘try before you buy’ concept is a well-worn marketing strategy used within the retail sector. The idea of being able to try something before laying out the cash and commitment is a very appealing incentive. It’s of no surprise then that the same concept, when applied to the employment industry in the form of temporary staff, can equal many benefits for a business and of course not forgetting, potential recruits themselves.

As a temporary recruiter, redwigwam is enjoying front row seats to this evolving industry.

Since American entrepreneur William Russell Kelly, opened the first temporary staffing agency in 1946, the industry truly has come on leaps and bounds. The changing scene at the working front has mainly led this; mothers no longer want to be confined to the home and people who are at the age of retirement don’t necessarily want to – or are financially able to.

This means that it’s not just students using temporary job agencies to find flexible jobs in order to fund their summer expeditions. Agencies now see a wealth of backgrounds from graduates hungry to get on the career ladder, to mums wanting a job and some extra cash. And, as mentioned before, there is an increasing number of retirees looking to dip their toe back into the world of work. These are people with a lifetime of skills and knowledge looking for work. So now more than ever temps are able to pack an impressive punch and deliver!

Businesses can sidestep the lengthy (not to mention expensive) recruitment process that doesn’t guarantee a happy ending. A business can invest a lot of time in advertising a role; shortlisting and interviewing hundreds of applicants with no assurances the ideal candidate will be sourced at the end of it all.

Using temporary staff can allow a business to ‘test drive’ the candidate without signing any permanent employment contracts, which is a more cost-effective alternative. Employers can see first hand how the candidate delivers in the role and how well they fit into the organisation's culture.

And it’s a recruitment strategy that can work.

Another point worth mentioning is the flexibility and simplicity of using temporary employees. Employing multiple staff on long-term contracts usually means cost – the cost of annual leave, sick leave and vast amounts of HR housekeeping mean companies are now more than ever outsourcing these responsibilities.

redwigwam pay all staff and deal with all the other HR requirements; therefore streamlining the process for businesses!

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