The Best Recruitment Software for 2023

Finding the best recruitment software for your business needs can be a daunting task.

With an ever-growing list of applicant tracking software (ATS) options, it can be hard to determine which one is the best fit for your organisation.

We’ve dived into the features and benefits of the top recruitment software for 2023.

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Jobvite is one of the most popular recruitment software solutions on the market. It's designed to help companies attract, screen, and hire the best candidates for their positions.

Jobvite has a wide range of features to make recruiting easier for employers, including:

  • Automated Job Postings – Jobvite enables employers to post their job openings to multiple job boards with just one click.
  • Applicant Tracking – Jobvite's applicant tracking system makes it easy for employers to quickly review, shortlist, and respond to candidate applications.
  • Background Checks – With Jobvite's background checks, employers can easily check a candidate's past work experience and references.
  • Interview Scheduling – Jobvite's interview scheduling feature allows employers to schedule and manage interviews with candidates.
  • Video Interviews – Jobvite's video interview feature enables employers to conduct virtual interviews with applicants.
  • Recruiting Campaigns – Employers can create targeted recruitment campaigns to attract the right candidates for their positions.
  • Analytics and Reporting – Jobvite offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to help employers track the effectiveness of their recruiting campaigns.

Overall, Jobvite is an excellent choice for employers looking for a comprehensive recruitment software solution in 2023.

With its wide range of features and capabilities, Jobvite provides employers with an efficient and effective recruitment process.


Greenhouse is a cloud-based recruitment software designed to help companies find, hire and onboard the right people.

The software streamlines the process of managing job postings, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, collecting feedback, and making job offers. It allows recruiters to search, track and analyse CVs and other relevant data.

Greenhouse offers features such as candidate tracking, automated emails and questionnaires, job postings and more.

Recruiters can use the platform to quickly create job posts and share them on various job boards and social networks. The platform also includes analytics tools which allow you to measure the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts.

With Greenhouse, recruiters can customise their hiring process for each role, allowing for flexibility in the way they interview and assess candidates.

Overall, Greenhouse is an efficient and user-friendly recruitment software which provides recruiters with everything they need to hire and onboard the best talent for their organisation.


Lever is a powerful recruitment software designed to streamline the hiring process and simplify the candidate experience.

It helps recruiters source, track, and manage candidates more effectively. Lever’s intuitive platform helps to create a unified workflow for all your hiring activities.

The platform offers an easy-to-use interface which allows recruiters to customise their recruitment process and quickly access important candidate information. Lever also features an automated candidate ranking and filtering tool, which helps recruiters prioritise applications quickly and easily.

The platform provides recruiters with loads of applicant tracking features, including creating custom job pipelines, tracking each stage of the recruitment process, and tracking job performance data.

Lever’s collaborative tools allow teams to collaborate on candidates and view important team activities in real time.

Lever also offers integration with dozens of HR, recruiting, and applicant tracking systems, allowing businesses to transfer data across systems. Lever's advanced analytics also helps organisations measure their recruiting efforts, compare job performance data, and optimise their recruitment process.

Overall, Lever is a comprehensive recruitment software designed to make the hiring process more efficient and effective for recruiters and hiring teams.


Workable is a comprehensive recruitment software solution that is popular among HR teams looking to improve their recruitment process. Workable helps recruiters streamline their hiring process by automating administrative tasks, reducing the time and cost of candidate sourcing, and enabling employers to quickly assess candidates and make smarter hiring decisions.

Workable offers a variety of features, including applicant tracking, job posting, candidate management, resume building, and more. Workable also includes job boards and applicant tracking systems (ATS) to help employers find and manage top talent, as well as onboarding capabilities to make the onboarding process easier. With the ability to integrate with third-party services such as Slack and Google Drive, Workable makes it easy for recruiters to work together on projects and manage their recruiting efforts in one place.

Workable is easy to use and features customisable workflows to fit any organisation’s needs. It also offers various analytics and reports to help HR teams measure performance, optimize workflow, and understand trends in the recruitment process.

Overall, Workable is an excellent choice for recruiters and HR teams looking for a comprehensive recruitment software solution which is easy to use and provides powerful tools and features to streamline the hiring process.


redwigwam is a modern recruitment software platform which focuses on providing an intuitive user interface and exceptional customer service.

This cloud-based solution offers everything you need to create an efficient, effective recruitment process. It includes tools for talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, candidate sourcing, and more.

With redwigwam, you can access powerful reporting capabilities, track job postings and applications, manage candidate pipelines, and easily access an array of recruiting metrics.

The software makes it easy to find the right candidates by leveraging advanced AI-powered search filters, allowing recruiters to narrow down their search criteria quickly. You can also use redwigwam to stay connected with your applications at any point in the process.

redwigwam also offers post hire services, including payroll and shift management tools, making it an ideal all-in-one solution for businesses of any size.

redwigwam makes it easy to automate processes and streamline your entire recruitment experience.

Overall, redwigwam is an ideal choice for those who are looking for an effective recruitment software platform with an array of powerful features and an intuitive user interface.

Looking for a simple way to find and manage temporary staff?

redwigwam provides small to medium businesses with AI-powered software to manage and pay their staff, plus attract and access a large, nationwide pool of flexible workers.

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