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Redwigwam partner with a wide variety of businesses from a range of industries to connect you with the best temporary jobs in Liverpool. 

Looking for temporary jobs in Liverpool? Then you’re in the right place! Using our cutting-edge AI-powered technology solution, we match people looking for work with available jobs in the local area. Across the UK we work with a diverse variety of business from industry giants to small local businesses. 


Temporary jobs on the rise in 2021 

The number of temporary employees in the UK increased by 1.7% on a seasonally adjusted basis when compared with 2020 figures, meaning the temporary workforce now totals 1.53 million. As the vaccine roll out continues, employers are steadily gaining confidence and are continuing to take on new workers as the number of job vacancies grew by 8% between February and April 2021.   

With the UK economy currently enjoying an ‘unprecedented growth spurt’ temporary vacancies are likely to rise as employers require staffing solutions in response to high demand. Meaning, there’s never been a better time to find a temporary job in Liverpool that suits your lifestyle needs. 

Looking for a more flexible way to work?

Nine to five doesn't exist in our world. Join our redwigwam community and find work that fits in around your lifestyle.

Temporary jobs in Merseyside 

As social distancing restrictions have eased, indoor drinking and dining is allowed once more. Industries of all kinds have experienced surges in demand as many are using their new freedoms to shop, dine, drink and buy a range of products. 

At redwigwam, we’ve seen first-hand the rise in temporary jobs in Merseyside. We’ve had businesses from a wide a variety of industries come to us seeking temporary workers – from admin to hospitality. 

As Liverpool was host to the UK’s first post-lockdown gig in Sefton park it’s no surprise that there’s a real buzz around Merseyside and the area feels busier than ever. We’re seeing a rise in the number of employers seeking temporary employees in the area, so why not sign up to redwigwam today to find the role that suits you. 


Part-time jobs Liverpool students 

Liverpool is adored by countless students from across the globe for its diverse and fascinating history, culture, events and atmosphere. Indeed, the city has been frequently ranked alongside Amsterdam, Vienna, and Madrid in world-wide tourism rankings. 

Also known as an affordable city, Liverpool student accommodation is around £80-£120 per week and the city is teeming with student nightlife! At redwigwam, we help students make the most of the wonderful city by connecting them with a part-time temporary job that allows them fit working around their lifestyle. We have a range of jobs for students in Liverpool, including, hospitality, retail, marketing and admin positions. 


What is the average salary for temporary jobs in Liverpool? 

The average salary for temporary jobs in Liverpool varies greatly on hours committed in the role and the seniority of the position. When you find temporary work with redwigwam, you will always be paid at least the minimum wage per hour, and often much more. Plus, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of being fully employed, including holiday pay!  


What temporary jobs are available in Liverpool? 

Liverpool is home to a range of temporary jobs that suit all ages. Recently the city has experienced a demand in the need for retail and online customer service assistants as a range of brands based around Merseyside – from Liverpool to Birkenhead – have increasingly begun to post new temporary roles. 

Field Marketing 

Many of the field marketing companies we partner with have the same issue, how to move quickly in locations that are difficult to reach. It’s not surprising so many of them experience this issue as even an in-house field marketing team can’t be everywhere at once as there are always some areas that will suffer without having the workforce to accommodate them.   

So many of these field marketing businesses have found our wigwammers provide an excellent solution to this issue. And crucially, many of our wigwammers have enjoyed the unique benefits that a temporary field marketing position provides. 


As Liverpool has been in the spotlight for pioneering events post-lockdown the city is experiencing an increasing demand for cleaning services of all kinds across a range of businesses.  

Our wigwammer cleaning community understand the importance of high standards and attention to detail. Many of our community already have experience in the cleaning industry and have found their experience with redwigwam to be fair and rewarding. As the industry continues to grow, now is a great time to get started in a temporary cleaning job in Liverpool. 


Unpredictable demand, ambiguous distancing guidelines and varying seasonal activity caused immense issues for the hospitality industry in 2020. But as we ease out of the final stages of lockdown, the industry is experiencing a revival as millions across the country flock back to their local restaurants, bars and cafés. This drastic surge in demand has led many hospital businesses to experience staffing issues resulting in a greater need for temporary workers.  

Sign up to redwigwam today to find your next temporary hospitality job in Liverpool that will give you the flexibility you deserve. 


Is redwigwam right for me? 

As part of the redwigwam community you’ll have access to a range of unique benefits as our redwigammers choose roles that allow them to live the lifestyle they want – something many permanent jobs don’t offer.  

With redwigwam, you’ll get;  

  • paid rapidly as we pay our wigwammers within 24 hours of their timesheet being approved. 
  • a boosted CV that will improve your future employability for the roles you desire. 
  • the opportunity to upskill with our eclectic range of free e-learning courses.  

On top of this, you’ll be supported throughout your role by our team of temporary working specialists who are there to answer any questions and quell any concerns you may have. 


Join the working revolution today and enjoy countless unique benefits from pay within 24 hours, to flexible hours to suit your needs. Be part of the redwigwam community and live the flexible life you deserve today. 


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Looking for a more flexible way to work?

Nine to five doesn't exist in our world. Join our redwigwam community and find work that fits in around your lifestyle.