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Want to see the best student jobs? If you’re looking to boost your CV, earn some extra money and enjoy a flexible working pattern around your school, college or university studies, redwigwam can help.

While most people love to have fun while studying, course fees and the costs associated with university life can soon mean your student loan is running low as expenses rise. Therefore, the search for a student job could give your budget the boost it needs while offering a range of other benefits, including career development.

If you’re searching for a new opportunity and relevant experience, find the ideal part-time student jobs with redwigwam. We partner with both local and well-known brands in your location who are passionate about flexible working, sending you job alerts whenever there’s a suitable match for you. Every job posted will have clear information attached, from how to accept or apply for the role to the job type, salary details and hours available.

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Why Apply for a Student Job?

University is often one of the best times in a young person’s life as you start to spread your wings, meet new friends, see new places and study in a subject you love while having a lot of fun along the way. 

The cost of living, studying and socialising often means student loans are pushed to the limit, so many choose to take on part-time jobs to increase their budget. However, there are also lots of other benefits of securing a student job.

The Benefits

  • Gain real-life experience to super-charge your CV and impress future employers.
  • Get a taste for career opportunities within different sectors you’d considering working full-time in.
  • Your salary could give you more money pay for essentials and create a better student lifestyle for yourself, rather than watching every penny.
  • Learn to budget your own money – this will make things easier when you secure a full-time job after graduating.
  • Save while you earn to prepare for post-student life earning a full-time salary.
  • Pick up new skills from time management to customer care.
  • See featured student training opportunities with different companies, including those based part-time in London.

Flexible Working & Part-Time Student Jobs

Finding a student job contract to fit around your social life and studies is a must, including flexible shifts (e.g. in retail companies, hospitality etc.) in which you accept hours offered based on a day, week or monthly basis. You could also apply for a role with the same schedule from week to week so that you always know when you’ll be needed.

You’ll also see temporary and permanent company jobs posted. A permanent role can allow you to build up good relationships over the duration of your course, hone your skills and ensure you receive regular hours. However, temporary roles allow you greater flexibility to adapt to your changing lifestyle needs (e.g. you may need holiday or term-time only roles or to pause work during exam periods), gaining experience and insight across a range of fields. 

Most people studying prefer to search for part-time, temp roles over full-time, permanent jobs posted with a company to give them more flexibility over their free hours.

Get Relevant Experience & Skills

While many students aren’t fussed about where they work, it can be a fantastic opportunity to gain some relevant experience in a field you’re interested in and use your skills, rather than just grabbing one of the first roles you see posted. If you’d like to increase your chances of securing the full-time graduate job you love in the future, it’s a good idea to give yourself a competitive edge. 

Employers won’t just be looking at new qualifications but the experience you’ve had too. This means finding a student job to match your skills. Get a taste of the world of work to see if you want to steer your career in that direction or not. This will make it easier to forge a path based on the type of roles you enjoy.

Tips & Advice for Choosing New Jobs in Your Location

There are many different jobs for students, from retail assistant and field marketing based roles to flexible office assistant services within a company you’d consider in the future. When looking for a job type, people use some of the following questions to help pinpoint relevant information.

  • Is the job alert for a location you can easily reach? Consider the timings and cost of travelling to the company’s location (city and rural-based), ensuring you’re a reliable member of their workforce. Many companies will even offer remote opportunities and home working jobs, giving you greater flexibility.
  • What existing skills and qualities could you bring to the role? Know your strengths to give yourself a better chance of securing the student job you want in such a competitive market. 
  • What do you hope to gain out of the assignment? Search for a role that matches your skills and will give you the experience you want.
  • How many days ago was the job posted? Don’t waste your time on old job adverts which no longer exist – see the ‘date posted’ which is usually featured on the advert.
  • What hours are expected? Does this fit your schedule?
  • Is the job temporary or permanent? Full-time or part-time? Is it for one week, 2 days or a few hours?
  • How much will you be paid per hour and when will you be paid? Is all the salary information you see clear?
  • Are you using a website which sends job alerts? Be the first in line for new opportunities arising, choosing to work when you want to.
  • What’s the latest date to apply for the assignment? Don’t miss out! If you do, can you receive another job alert if a similar role crops up?

Think outside the box when looking for roles – it doesn’t all have to be retail and bar assistant jobs. Many of the students who register with us even pick up part-time jobs such as regular mystery shopping, often accepting the assignment on the date posted.

To see the best roles on your job search, use a temp recruitment agency specialising in flexible jobs for students – meet redwigwam. 

We make things easy for you by matching you with company jobs suitable for the time you have available and your skills, so you won’t have to spend hours looking for full-time or part-time work. We send each featured job alert via email.

Use redwigwam to Secure Part-Time Roles

If you’d like to make some extra cash and transform your lacklustre CV, contact redwigwam for help and advice with student jobs. We’ll save you time in your search for the ideal role for your needs, partnering with local and nationwide businesses (including jobs in London) to match their company with people like you who are suitable for the role. 

Why Us?

  • Become part of the flexible working revolution.
  • Save time looking for jobs – we bring the opportunities to you!
  • Choose part-time hours to fit around your timetable.
  • Register with us to receive regular job alerts for the latest part-time roles via email.
  • Search for both temporary and permanent positions.
  • Get paid directly, quickly and on time.
  • Find short-term, temporary roles which last just a day, week or month.
  • Use our services whenever you need to earn more.
  • Don’t get stressed by contract woes – we handle everything for you, including per hour salary payments.

As a revolutionary agency, we’re even recruiting students to become a brand ambassador for us on campus, promoting our flexible working ethos. 

Once you register with us and let us know what you’re good at, jobs are matched on a first come first served basis, based on factors such as your location, skills, salary requirements and availability. You can then choose to accept or reject jobs sent to your email each week. 

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